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Ping i20 Irons

A Review On: PING i20 Irons

PING i20 Irons

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Pros: on well struck shots the ball goes, good looks

Cons: not the most forgiving irons out there; still for a better ball striker


 These irons are supposed to have moderate forgiveness, and a progressive offset design.  "Moderate" is a very interchangeable word in irons. For some it might be "Why am I hitting a kick ball with a pancake?" Others might find it to be "Oh, God. I'm hitting tennis ball with a ping pong racquet." I fell somewhere in between. The looks were nice. Truly many would consider the topline to be thick, but I actually like it that way. It was still a pretty short length though. You vould describe the iron as stocky. But it wasn't like  K15 thick, or even G20. Simply slightly more than than S56 that's all.


  I was swinging bad, quite bad actually. My weight transfer was horrible, and I kept getting stuck behind the ball. But on good shots which were rare, this 7 iron was hitting 150. Earlier in the fall, that's as far as I hit a CG16 6 iron. Obviously I'm not quite good enough to truly seperate the difference between 150 and 155 in one swing. But I tried too. And I ended up hitting 155. To some of you that might mean terrible distance control. To me that's meansc2_beer.gif because if I can hit a 212 yard drive with my hopefully soon to be Razr Fit driver, then hit an an arrow 145 yard shot with the control of a seven iron, then I can reach so many more holes, epsecially because I'll have to play backer tees this year.er


In closing, I would like to let it be known that out of 3 Player's clubs, MP 53 and 712 AP2, this was the shit.It was longer a 7 iron, definitely more forgiving and looked like I could actually hit it. Plus, I'll never outgrow these irons. Sweet



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