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PING K15 Driver


Pros: Straight & Consistent

Cons: A larger head than most, Not as far as some.

I picked up the Ping K15, Found it on eBay still in the wrapper. I needed some help off the tee box so I thought I'd give this one a try. I'm plenty happy with a 260 yard drive and this club delivers. The stock Ping TFC149D shaft is nothing to turn your nose up at. Yes it's a stock shaft but this thing is very smooth with great feedback. If you try to kill it with this club it's bound to go anywhere but give a good smooth swing and this thing flies. The head in mine is a 10.5* and a lot of people in reviews are complaining about the little hump on the lower back right edge of the head (right handed golfer here). I have to say that I never really saw it. First, if your looking at that, your not looking at the ball. That hump is Ping's SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology). I needed some help with a heavy fade and this club helps straighten that problem out. This club is 3 years old now, well at least the technology is, and I really have to say that I haven't hit anything that's better on the market at this point. There is not a lot of workabilty in this club but hey, all I wanna do is hit it straight. LOL I also found I'm hitting this club better if it's about 2 balls further back in my stance. I haven't seen this in other clubs but this one does and I think that helps a lot with the set up and allows your hands to be out in front of the ball better at impact. The head sets up rather closed so that may be some of it for me. So if your looking for some help from the tee box, find one of these and give it a try....Feels great!

PING K15 Driver

long straight driver

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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Clubs › Drivers › PING K15 Driver