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Point n Putt putter

A Review On: Point n Putt Putter

Point n Putt Putter

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Review of Point n Putt putter

Having played blade putters all my life, trying a mallet style putter was awkward for me in the beginning. I slowly got used to it.

I began changing out the weights to find a weight that felt good to me. I came to like the weight of 541g, adding a 62g weight to the heel and back of the putter and a 42g to the toe. This is 200 grams more than my regular putter ,but it felt good.


I've only used it once in play plus a week of indoor practice.

I have to admit the "Directional Pointer"  was a nice feature, but I'm not sure how much it helped or hurt my alignment since this isn't a weak spot in my putting game.

I did like the feel of the grip since I like to grip further down the shaft and their grip gave me a constant size where as other putters will tapper off and feel small in my hands.

The putter cover is a nice add-on that looks good and protects the club head nicely.



DISTANCE CONTROL: Very consistent from one putt to the next—easy to dial in on short or lag putts; additional mass behind the heel helped me with accuracy.

FEEL: Crisp and firm on center hits and less so away from the center ,but with the pointer to assist you it is hard to mishit the ball.

LOOK: I've come to like the mallet style this putter has and the pointer is pretty neat. When looking down at it, you feel confident in you'll make a good stroke every time.



Only 2 minor things I found to dislike.

One, I like a shorter putter myself, but with their equal size grip I was able to over come this issue. And two, I also like a putter that I can “scoop” up my golf ball with.


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