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Height markers are great

A Review On: Pride Golf Prolength 2 3/4" Tees

Pride Golf Prolength 2 3/4" Tees

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Pros: Colored height gauge bar is very useful

Since trying these tees, I really like the idea of having a colored bar on the tee to help gauge how far to push the tee down when teeing the ball. You can learn to get it right most of the time through habit, but I don't estimate those things well and I'm kind of picky about getting the exact right height. Little things like the length of the grass (or lack thereof) on the teebox and even the slope can throw of your visual assessment of the tee's height on your initial placement. Readjusting after you've placed it is a bit annoying (and looks a little dorky too b2_tongue.gif ). I think if I'm going to tee the ball up with a variable-length tee, there should be some sort of marker to let me know about what height the tee is at.

The color bar at the bottom address that and helps me pick the exact height I want every shot, so I almost never get the initial tee height wrong.

The colored bar's height (er, width?) and position are well-chosen and such that you will probably compare the top edge of the bar to the ground when making your alignment and you are unlikely to want to tee the ball low enough to totally obscure the bar by much, so you should always have it as a gauge. For me, I tee the ball on the lower side, so I usually want to see a small hint of color above the ground to know I have the right height. If I'm teeing it even lower than normal, I just barely hide the top edge of the bar in the ground.

These are available in both wood/brown and white color. The colored stripe is yellow on both.

Just a thought: I haven't used the brown/wood colored ones, but in the store it looked like the yellow bar might have poor contrast against the wood look, making viewing the last sliver of color through the grass a tad difficult. Not sure if it actually will, though, but I'd have thought they'd pick something with better contrast. Maybe they didn't want to ruin the "natural" look of the wooden tees.


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