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ProtoSports Holster for the iPhone


Pros: iPhone is secure in the Holster, Lightweight, Versatile

Cons: Need to take iPhone out of case, Best on a grass range


You know a product is good when you're introduced to it and say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?".  For me the ProtoSports Holster is one of those products.  It's easy to use, easy to store in your golf bag and it's a practical tool for your golf game.

While I usually use a high speed camera to film myself or my son, I can see how others would find this option a lot easier when they practice.  Here's what I like about the Holster:
- Great back-up option if you normally use a camera to film yourself.  There isn't a time I won't have my phone with me, so it's comforting knowing that the ProtoSports Holster is in my bag if I forget my camera, the camera battery is low or if there is just an issue with my camera or SD card.
- My iPhone easily slips in and out of the Holster without any "wobbling" once it's in.
- Made in the USA :-)
-  Attaching the Holster onto an alignment stick produces a very secure fit.
- The set-up attracts less attention than a tripod and earns some style points.
- Can be used on the range, bunker, chipping green or putting green.

-To slide my iPhone into the Holster i have to take the protective case off.  Not a big deal but I find the more you take the case off too often, the screen protector can start to peel and get some bubbles around the edges.


- You'll have to make some adjustments when you're not on a grass range.  If you have a cart or staff bag then the alignment stick can probably fit in the umbrella sleeve or you can try to stand up your carry bag.


- You need an iPhone


If you have an iPhone, the ProtoSports Holster is a must have.  It's only $20 and will come in handy on many occasions.  Even though a majority of the time I like using my camera, this accessory has a permanent place in my bag because it's a quality product and I know it's there if something goes wrong with my camera.
















Pros: Size, convenience

Cons: Price, might not work in wind

I bought my Protosports Holster a couple of weeks ago and finally had a chance to use it today.  I had been to the range a couple of times since then, but had a friend with me, so I didn't need it to video myself.  But for somebody like me who would go without video before I'd bother a stranger to take one of me, this product is perfect.  The iPhone fits perfectly snug in the holder so it's not jiggling around.  The holder snaps easily onto an alignment stick so no problems there either.  However, the alignment stick was not sturdy enough to penetrate the ground at this particular range.  That was going to be a problem, however, thanks to some earlier feedback, I just slid the alignment stick through my bags umbrella holder and propped it against the bag and it worked perfectly.  (This will be the solution when I'm at ranges without grass as well).  I have used an actual video camera on a tripod in the past, and the fact that this is so much more inconspicuous is a bonus.


The biggest downside for me is that I have to remove my phone from its case everytime.  It's meant to be a tight fit so if you have a case on your phone that you don't want to take off, then you won't be able to use this product.  I also imagine that it will sway in the wind on the end of a flimsy alignment stick, but don't know for sure because it wasn't windy today.  Lastly, and this is a little nit-picky, the price seems a bit high for what basically amounts to half of a phone case.  It's just a piece of plastic, so it seems like it could be more in the $15-$20 range, but even at $30, for what it provides to me, it's going to be worth it.


Pros: Easy to use, and it securely fits both the iPhone and the alignment stick, and is small enough to fit into your golf bag without an issue.

Cons: You need an alignment stick - sold seperately


I just got my holster in the mail tonight... It is legit.  And I love it already...  Let me explain why I really thought I needed this holster... 


First, for the past several months I've been trying to jerry rig my iPing cradle to an alignment stick... To film with my iPhone when I didn't have anyone at the range to video my swing.  And that failed 80% of the time because it was a pain in the ass trying to get the iPing cradle to stay attached to the alignment stick... And then even when it was attached - I had to make sure it was at the very tip of the alignment stick as the alignment stick is too thin for the iPing cradle to stay attached.


Secondly, I hate disturbing strangers to take a video of me at the range.  


So... Getting this holster from ProtoSports was definitely of interest when I saw the original thread here on TST.


Now... Let me review the ProtoSports holster...


1.) Ease of Use.  I like is how easy it snaps onto the alignment stick.  

2.) Secure fit. Once it is attached to the alignment stick - it is very snug and won't slide up or down (like the silly iPing cradle I was trying to use before).  It is a nice snug fit so you don't have to worry about the camera angle being all wonky.  As long as the alignment stick is securely in the ground, and isn't moving... The iPhone camera will take a nice clear video.

3.) It is very small - half the size of the iPhone - so it can fit nicely into a pocket on your golf bag so that it is always there when you need it.

4.) Fast delivery - I placed my purchase on 7/12 - received confirmation of shipment the same day - and it was in my mailbox by 7/16 shipped via USPS.  Very quick service and shipping, especially when you include this shipment spanning over a weekend with no mail delivery on Sunday - and I live in SoCal and it shipped from Georgia!

5.) The holster is $19.95 + shipping.  So I paid $27.51 total to have it shipped to my address.  Fair price for such a useful tool.


Here is a sample video I took tonight while at the range....  Definitely worth purchasing in my opinion... And I'll add that I have nothing to do with this accessory.  Other than stumbling across it in the forum.


Here is a video I took with the iPhone and ProtoSports holster (nice 720p resolution).



Pros: Small, Lightweight, Secure Hold on Stick, Both Landscape/Portrait

Cons: Can't keep your case on your iPhone


90% of the time I take my high-speed camera to the range when I go to practice. I realize that feel isn't real and I make use of video constantly to improve and maintain my golf swing.
The 10% of the time I leave my camera at home, or I run out of batteries or forget my SD card, I've been stuck. Now, I'll at least be able to use my iPhone, with the ProtoSports Holster for the iPhone coming to the rescue.
The Holster is a lightweight plastic "holster" (duh) for the iPhone. You slide your iPhone in, and then use the unique clips on the back of the Holster to clip onto a driveway marker or alignment rod. You shove the alignment rod in the ground or, if you're on a range with mats and cement, perhaps thread it through some straps on your bag so that the alignment rod doesn't tip over, taking your iPhone with it.
I was impressed by how durable the Holster seems to be, as well as how tightly it gripped both the iPhone (4 or 4S) and the alignment rod. Though you could remove the iPhone from the Holster and the Holster from the rod without much effort, they weren't going to budge unless you intended them to. The Holster never slips on the rod, and the iPhone is held tightly.
The Holster doesn't impede either of the cameras on your iPhone and easily switches from portrait to landscape mode (portrait is great for filming your golf swing).
I've stuck my ProtoSports holster in my bag and am secure in the knowledge that even if I forget my camera or run out of batteries, I'll still be able to easily and conveniently film my golf swing with a well-made, sturdy product.


ProtoSports Holster for the iPhone

ProtoSports creates revolutionary clips that allow for hands free, standalone video, using the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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