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A Review On: ProtoSports Holster for the iPhone

ProtoSports Holster for the iPhone

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Pros: Small, Lightweight, Secure Hold on Stick, Both Landscape/Portrait

Cons: Can't keep your case on your iPhone


90% of the time I take my high-speed camera to the range when I go to practice. I realize that feel isn't real and I make use of video constantly to improve and maintain my golf swing.
The 10% of the time I leave my camera at home, or I run out of batteries or forget my SD card, I've been stuck. Now, I'll at least be able to use my iPhone, with the ProtoSports Holster for the iPhone coming to the rescue.
The Holster is a lightweight plastic "holster" (duh) for the iPhone. You slide your iPhone in, and then use the unique clips on the back of the Holster to clip onto a driveway marker or alignment rod. You shove the alignment rod in the ground or, if you're on a range with mats and cement, perhaps thread it through some straps on your bag so that the alignment rod doesn't tip over, taking your iPhone with it.
I was impressed by how durable the Holster seems to be, as well as how tightly it gripped both the iPhone (4 or 4S) and the alignment rod. Though you could remove the iPhone from the Holster and the Holster from the rod without much effort, they weren't going to budge unless you intended them to. The Holster never slips on the rod, and the iPhone is held tightly.
The Holster doesn't impede either of the cameras on your iPhone and easily switches from portrait to landscape mode (portrait is great for filming your golf swing).
I've stuck my ProtoSports holster in my bag and am secure in the knowledge that even if I forget my camera or run out of batteries, I'll still be able to easily and conveniently film my golf swing with a well-made, sturdy product.


1 Comment:

This could be very useful. I may have to pick one up at some point. However, it would be nice if they made one that allowed for the use of a case, as I have an Otterbox Defender on my iPod Touch 5th generation.