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PURE Grips Pro Grip


Pros: Easy Installation, Feels great, lasts forever, sharp looks

Cons: slippery when wet, but little more than other grips

From the conclusion of my full review at http://thesandtrap.com/b/accessories/pure_grips_review:


These grips perform at a price point that's lower than most grips on the market. They're easier to install and remove than any other grip I've ever used. Saying that they wear well implies that they show wear, which is almost a mistruth - these grips will last even those who are tough on their grips a year or more of use.


PURE doesn't (yet?) have the widest of distribution, so if you've got an air compressor at home you might just want to buy directly from PURE.


Since Golf Pride introduced their New Decade Multicompound grips, I've been a staunch supporter. No more - every club I take to the course these days will sport a PURE Pro grip that I've installed myself. I can't give any piece of equipment a better compliment. You owe it to yourself - and your game - to check out the PURE line of grips.

PURE Grips Pro Grip

A velvet-style, traction-grooved grip providing significant firmness and the maximum shot feedback desired by top players.

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