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PureStrike 5 Simple Keys DVDs


Pros: Clear and Consice Instruction is Valuable - Scientifically and Anatomically proven makes it Priceless

Cons: Post Production Value was off - DVD quality is behind the times


I received the 5SK DVD's earlier this week and have watched them in full.  Let me first state that I thought the DVD's were worth every penny.  They are great for a guy like me that wants to catalog instructional information on the golf swing, to help me integrate and execute the techniques found within the swing pattern into my own golf game...Many of you regular TST user know, I've become quite the swing junkie in the last year, seeking out quality instruction from a variety of sources.  And the 5SK DVD's are an excellent source for quick, concise, and to the point golf instruction.


Chuck Evans and Dave Wedzik's instructional approach is easy to understand and communicated clearly... Much of which is based on data from TGM, MORAD and SnT - all of which have beneficial data - and are largely scientific based.  This to me is why I truly wanted to pick up the DVD set, because I knew it wasn't all 'feel' - but backed by research - and put into a method that is easily communicated and understood.  Note, I did order the DVD set through the Purestrike website (Medicus site) because I wanted to receive the hard copy 5SK book with the 5 DVD set.  The content covered in the video was plentiful, many of the items I was already familiar with, but some of the concepts were better presented in the DVD set, more so than what you can find via Youtube or elsewhere.  And the book is a nice reference point that I can pick up and quickly find pieces that I need to work on.


But I'm greedy and was hoping there would be more details or some of the items presented a little more clearly or with better production value.  For instance here are a few of my gripes (hopefully this is viewed as constructive criticism - and not being a Debbie Downer):


1.) Video Quality - Resolution of Playback

The video for the most part could've been made using a standard video camera.  Being a DVD - the resolution is only D-1 quality.  Given most notebooks, desktop displays and TV's in your home are HD or FullHD - the playback quality isn't that great.  I'd rather see a Bluray so I can see Dave's pretty face better. f2_kiss.gif


2.) Post Production Quality (Or lack thereof)

Really this is the area where I think there can be the most improvement in the DVD set.  I believe it was the 2nd DVD where Dave was highlighting Key #5, Clubface Control - where he was hitting the different shots from down the line one after another?  A few issues I had with this segment, the camera was down the line, but Dave was moving and hitting balls.  So the camera wasn't properly setup for each shot... Or perhaps the issue for me was that it wasn't clear what Dave's target was - and where his initial starting line was, or worse - post impact - I couldn't see where the ball was flying.  And for me - while I understand the ball flight laws, there should've been a lot more post production for the average golfer who has no idea... Spending more time in post production in this area would help a lot.  I mean Dave clearly talked through what he was doing, but there were no helpful signs for the user to follow along which leads to confusion.  So I think in post production, they could've done a lot better job of editing this sequence, and breaking it down step - by - step...  With graphic overlays saying simple things like - Draw, Fade, Hook, Slice, Straight for each shot.... Then highlight the target down range - drawing a stance line to show the feet open or closed according to the intended golf shot - and an initial arrow or something showing the clubface open or closed at address... Then have Dave hit the shot and have Protracer follow the ball flight so the user could see Dave's ball flight and make the connection better with Key #5.  There were numerous times when I felt the post production could've been a lot better - but this was one of the biggest issues that I picked up on while watching.


3.) Lack of Technology Integration 

The Swing Catalyst data was very interesting found on DVD #1 @ the 13:00 mark.  But only 60 seconds or so was used to highlight the technology finding.  I would've loved to see the Swing Catalyst tied in with Trackman (or Flightscope) and using Protracer to see the ball flight.  Maybe 5SK 2.0 will cover this type of data?  I know SnT 2.0 did this - I'd like to see 5SK take a similar approach and use the best tools of the trade to facilitate their instruction to the masses.  Other items like The Pure Ballstriker (PBS), Tourstriker, VisionTrack - these are all devices that help with some of the items touched on in the video - and with Bob Koch being in the video - was dumbfounded that he didn't find a way to get the VisionTrack into the video (self marketing and promotion).  These tools could've been added to the drills section.


4.) Instructional Drills - Proper Setting

And speaking of the drills - when talking about doing something in a mirror - or indoors in a door jam - take the production off the range and actually show the drill in the said area.  For instance, Paul Azinger's Golfplan drills did a solid job of this as an example by actually filming Azinger indoors - doing the said drill.  And walking the viewer through the drill step by step.  Unfortunately, some of the door jam drills were a little confusing and felt they weren't as effectively communicated as they could've been.  Would've been nice to cut to the door jam drill - with Dave, Chuck or even James doing the said drill inside against a door jam or wall.


Overall - I'd love to see a 5SK 2.0 Bluray release or downloadable content in the future which capitalizes on the technology I know Golf Evolution has at it's disposal (ie Doppler Radar - Trackman, Flightscope) - and re-shoot the drills within their intended setting.

PureStrike 5 Simple Keys DVDs

Finally… A quick and easy way to learn tour proven fundamentals used by every great ball striker! For the past century golf has produced great winners. These great champions win time after time. But what do they have in common? And what does it take to become one? Now, you too can be a champion with PureStrike: The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency. Build a repeating swing with pure contact shot after shot. Get consistent pure ball striking and consistent, better golf scores! We've studied the swing techniques of all the great champions and have developed the PureStrike golf swing. We've broken down the golf swing into 5 Simple Keys that will allow any golfer to play their best. And most importantly, we've made it simple to understand. Once you master these 5 Simple Keys, you'll have consistent and pure ball striking! "But while golf's most prolific champions had different grips, stances and swing planes all had mastered five essential things that are obvious on film and in photos. It's the common traits that enabled the greats to strike balls with the consistent purity."

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