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A Review On: Puttist-Digital Putting Trainer (Silver)

Puttist-Digital Putting Trainer (Silver)

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Pros: portability, 3 different speed settings, does not get boring, lots of games, helps speed control up to 45 feet indoors yet very small

Cons: price, availability

I wanted to make sure that I wrote a follow up on this because when I researched the Puttist, it seemed that there was not too much out there as far as what people thought after using it for a while.  This is probably because not that many people have it considering the price of it........So I've had the Puttist for 3 weeks now and I have been using it just about every day.  For those that do not know what this is, the website for the Puttist is: http://www.puttist-usa.com/.


The Puttist is a practice aid and it's unlike anything I have seen before.  It's a putting aid that has a box type thing that you putt into and it has about a 6 foot green carpet that you putt on and you putt into the side of the box.  The box has all kinds of things inside it that tell you how far your putt would have gone (since you are only putting 5 feet into the box where the ball then stops) and how accurate it would have been (left, straight, right). 


I think as soon as people see the price they just go ahead and turn away.  Yes it's pricey, but it can be obtained for less than the advertised price on the website.  I paid $150 for it.  At first when I started using it it was very hard and frustrating.  There are different levels of green speed that you can choose which helps because you can practice based on something close to the green speed that you play on.


It has helped with my longer putts.  The reason is that over time and repitition you can tell how far back you need to take the putter to hit about what distance.  The Puttist also has games that you can play and challenge yourself so that you are not just randomly hitting into it as that gets boring.  The several game options are random distances, 7 up, 7 down.  After getting used to it because at first it was a bit awkward just putting into the side of a box and only putting 5 feet when you are trying to hit a straight putt 30 feet, it's something that I am glad I bought.  I have noticed a big difference with my longer putts.  The greens at my country club are very fast (stimping at 11 last weekend) and the fast setting on the Puttist seems close to that. 


When I am in a round I pace off the rough distance (especially if it's a long putt) and I've found myself recently knowing better how hard I have to hit it.  I guess that's the whole point behind the puttist.  For me it is nice because there is nothing that I hate more than getting a GIR and then three putting just because I am very far away from the hole.  Because my country club has large and fast greens, that was something that would happen once or twice a round (a three putt) but over the last two weekends at my club I had no three putts! (I had one at the local muni last week though but the greens were much slower and I was not used to that). 


Someone wrote a great review. The review is pretty much dead on.  I agree with many of the things that were wrote as I know first hand.  While it may be pricey I have found the Puttist to be a really neat tool and it's also something that I can use year round.  I am sure that I will be using it even more when winter comes and while the price is high, I am glad I bought it. 

update:  my last post on this was from back on 6/26/13.  I know nobody else that has the Puttist and figured that I should follow up on this thread to anyone wondering about it......yes I still have it and I use it all the time.  The product works the same way that it did when it was brand new and if anything I use it more now than ever before.  I estimate that I use it for at least 5 hours per week.  I have changed the settings to allow for slower greens (winter) to practice as it has 3 green speeds. 


I have noticed that my speed judgement in my putts has gotten much better.  I am making more birdies (still not as many as I'd like) and converting a higher percentage of birdie putts.  My three putts have decreased.  My club has difficult and fast greens that are well maintained and I can say confidently that the Puttist has made a difference and helped my judgement of speed with my putts.  It does not take up much room at all and still allows you to practice putts of up to 45 feet in just a small space. 


It is so much better than having an indoor green which I have but the only thing you can do with that is putt up to the max distance of the green which unless you are super rich, is not going to come close to 45 feet.  The only thing you can do with an indoor green is putt back and forth and you have to retrieve the ball usually.  I do not use my green at all anymore and only use the puttist.  It has several games that you can play like 7up or 7down and distances from 5 feet to 45 feet.  I recommend the product.


No I am not getting paid or anything, hell, I did not even buy it from Puttist, I bought it from someone selling it new on Ebay for $150.  Yes it's expensive but I use it a lot and it allows me to practice putts that I would not be able to practice indoors.  Yes it is expensive but I would buy it again if I had to do it over.  Also I noticed that there is a difference in balls that you use with the puttist.  Obviously there is a feel difference that you will notice with different balls but just like out on a real green, if you are playing a Pinnacle that "rock" goes much further with less control than a softer ball like a Pro V1 for example. 


I hope that helps anyone that is curious about this product.  If you have any questions, please let me know and I will try to answer them for you.  I know that when I was considering buying it there was nothing out there on it and I do not know anyone else that has it and many people do not even know about it.


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