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Rh adams idea a5 os 3h,4h,5h,6-pw graph r

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #24 in Irons


Pros: Hybrid to the 5, Progressive, Ease-of-use, Value

Cons: Yellow isn't everyone's thing.

This set is simply perfection for anyone looking for that first "real" set of hybrid-irons.


Are you like me? Did you just learn to get the ball consistently off the ground on every shot, but now have trouble controlling those longer irons? That was my big problem, so I turned to a game improvement set, and this was most certainly the one. The Adams A5OS hybrid-irons call themselves "progressive irons," a highly appropriate title, explanation as follows...


The 3-5 irons are full hybrids, a nice touch, as many intermediate golfers still don't feel comfortable hitting any iron above a 6. The 8-PW are cavity backs as one might expect. But the 6 and 7 irons make this set truly special. Since these are middle irons that some intermediate golfers may still have trouble controlling, they've created what is perhaps best described as a "Semi-hybrid." They have steel shafts, and look exactly like standard irons at address. But they have more weight at the back and sole, including a filled cavity. Take a look at the picture - just a little more peripheral weighting to improve consistency and feel on the 6 and 7.


I should mention that the hybrids are a bit long in the shaft, a problem that personally affects me when hitting the 3. I find myself slicing it very often. Of course, this is a problem with my swing plane, which needs to improve with all of my longer clubs. I see no fault in the club itself.

Can't argue with the price. $249 is the everyday price at most major sports retailers, and I happened to have a 20% off coupon with me. Cha-ching! Hard to beat a handsome, modern, and easy-to-use hybrid-iron set from a reputable manufacturer for 200 buckaroos.

I'd say this set has already improved my game 5 shots (from the 95-100 range to the 90-95 range). Now if I could only keep those drives out of the trees...


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Rh adams idea a5 os 3h,4h,5h,6-pw graph r

Adams Mens IDEA a5 OS Hybrid Irons Swing Freely, Accurately And Confidently The hybrids in this set feature a v-shaped sole for more stability and reduced turf interaction, while the two transitional hybrids look like irons but are in reality much easier-to-hit. A large sweetspot can be found in the traditional irons, giving them the kind of accuracy that will please any golfer. If you're looking for a set of clubs that will lower your score and raise your confidence, all at an exceptionally low price, the IDEA a5 OS set will suit you perfectly. Adams Mens IDEA a5 OS Hybrid Irons feature: Set includes: #3 Hybrid #4 Hybrid #5 Hybrid #6 Mid Hybrid #7 Mid Hybrid #8 Iron-PW (44*) Three easy-to-hit hybrids designed with high moment of inertia to produce more forgiveness and straighter, longer shots Two iron-like hybrids move the weight low and back for high-launching, easy to hit approach shots from the rough or fairway The wide sole in these iron-like hybrids helps cut through turf interference, allowing for more confident and accurate swings Large sweetspot in the irons helps deliver pinpoint accuracy and better feel around the greens Graphite or Graphite/Steel shafts available in [ATTRIBUTE_LIST:FLEX DELIMITER=BULLET] Available in left- and right-hand Click Product Tour under the image above for alternate views and more details Technology You Can See, Power You Can Feel!

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TitleRh adams idea a5 os 3h,4h,5h,6-pw graph r
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