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Rule Golf Rule 14 Invisibrush Golf Towel


Pros: Does an excellent job getting dirt off the club and works well on the groove

Cons: My came without grommet holes for hanging on the bag

I got this towel for Christmas, but did not want to write a review until I tried it for a few rounds and range sessions.  I does what it advertises.  The outside is a soft towel for drying.  The inside has coarse textured fabric called Brushtex, that can scrub off grass and dirt, even from the grooves.  The groove scrubbing is not perfect.  It has trouble with the very edges of the grooves.  But it cleans the middle section of the face very well.


I find it best to clean the club immediately.  On the course, this is best done right after a shot.  On the range, I tend to let the club get a bit dirty before cleaning.  Stubborn dirt takes a bit of extra effort.  I still use the nylon brush and a bit of moisture to get the very edges of the grooves.


My towel came in grey, which hides dirt well.  For some reason, mine came without grommets to hang the towel.  It is pictured on the website with the grommets. This was an easy fix though as I raided the sewing kit and found a grommet tool and brass grommets.  


Lastly, the length is just right (20" x 40").  It is long enough to give you plenty of surface to work with, but does not hang to low and touch the ground.


Pros: cleans club grooves

Cons: white

This is a very convenient golf towel. One side has a standard soft feel, the other side is course and can be used to clean the clubface and grooves more effectively than a soft towel can.

I took it with me to the driving range on a day with some soft/damp ground. I was cleaning moist dirt off of my clubface every three or four swings. The towel was able to help me get the dirt out of my grooves with just a firm press and a couple swipes. There was a little bit left in the very corners of the grooves, but they were cleaned all the way to the bottom. I saw similar use on the golf course.

It didn't clean dry dirt as well, and it didn't do too well with grooves that were already filled with caked dry dirt. But if a club starts clean, I think it does a good job of keeping it clean. Which is probably all you would expect of a towel.

It was much more convenient than using the brush. Granted we're talking about a few seconds of time, but when it comes to the mundane cleaning of clubs, the faster it goes the more likely it is to be done -- at least, for me it is. So I was pleased with the ability to clean 97% of the face and grooves with so little effort.

I won't throw away my club brush, but I use it a less often now when I'm playing with this towel.

The biggest downside, IMO, is that the towel is white. It will look messy quickly if you're using it regularly.


Pros: Cleans well, dual purpose

Cons: color (white), thin material

I have used this towel for a couple weeks (3 rounds) and have had a great experience.  The towel has great size, cleans dirty clubs well, and the scrub side does a good job getting the grooves clean. For me, the towel seemed to work best when slightly wet/damp.  With a dry towel the scrub side did not work as effectively as expected.


As other reviews have stated, the white color is not a preferable color.  My towel quickly be came a light brown color and I'm unsure it will ever make it back to white as I don't wash my towels on a regular basis.  The only other negative was the thickness of either side of the towel.  When I read about this towel's properties, I did expect a slight heavier microfiber and deeper bristle scrub side.


These are minor nit-picks and more personal preferences.  Overall this is a towel I will recommend to my regular playing partners, and will compliment my current towel rotation. 


Pros: Scrubby side makes cleanup a breeze

Cons: Doesn't clean deep grooves

I received a grey towel which is very attractive. The plush side is microfiber in a deep grey with the reverse scrubber side is a slightly darker grey.







I really like this towel. The grey hides dirt well. The photos above are after playing two rounds and cleaning multiple clubs. You can barely see any dirt at all.


The scrubby side does a very good job of cleaning your irons and removes the dirt quickly and efficiently. Th scrubby side can't get all the way down into the grooves and there were a couple of times I had to pull out the wire brush for a deep clean. The scrubby side is also very nice for cleaning grips - I use cord grips and this did a nice job of both cleaning them and roughing them up at the same time.


It's hard to tell the plush side from the scrubby side, especially when the towel was wet. I had a couple of occasions where I wanted to wipe down a wood and was concerned I'd use the wrong side and scratch up the paint. It'd be nice if the scrubby side was a complimentary color but this is a minor nitpick.


Overall this is a very nice towel that makes keeping your clubs clean a breeze.


Pros: Durable, attractive, functional

Cons: Probably won't get deep, muddy dirt out of grooves

I just got back from the range, testing out this towel. The soft side is great for cleaning grips etc. But the novetly of the towel is the other side, which has an abrasive surface, to be used for cleaning out dirt from grooves. I was very interested to see if this side of the towel could do the duty.


I'm in Florida, so the debris that gets in the grooves is mostly sand. Some dirt, but not like in other areas where it could be the consistency of mud. Point being, sand-based dirt comes out of grooves easier, and the towel was well up to the job. Got the square grooves on my Ping Eye 3 irons spotless.


I normally use one of those wire brushes to clean grooves, which works great, but can be a pain to have hanging from your bag. They snag pants, towels & can damage the bag. So I was hoping this towel could replace my wire brush. It can...and it has.


Another nice aspect of the towel is it's perfect for those that like to wet the towel & drape it over the support bar on the cart - the towel easily detaches from the bag & its design allows for draping over the bar.


And luckily for me I was sent a grey towel, so unlike my less fortunate reviewers, i do not have to worry about dirt showing up as much on mine.


Very good product. I would definitely recommend it.


Before/after pics of how it worked on my sand wedge:


2012-05-15 18.14.53.jpg

2012-05-15 18.15.41.jpg


Pros: Strong, thick, Cleans well, Made in the USA, absorbant

Cons: The white is very white-shows dirt immediately, does not replace the groove cleaner

Model tested: Bag Model 16"X28" white Price listed on website $25
Design: The two sides of the towel have different fabric construction. The "inside" of the towel feels like a soft velcro type substance (they refer to this as the scrubber backing) The "outside" of the towel feels like a kitchen towel. According to the machine wash label the towel is 90% polyester/10% acrylic Wash with like colors, no bleach or softeners, tumble dry medium.

Pros: Strong--here's a picture of me pulling down on the towel with about 50lbs of force (attached to a pneumatic door arm with the carabiner)

This is a high quality, thick towel that should last a long time with ordinary use.
The towel does clean and dry grips and balls extremently well.

Cons: The advertising states "cleans clubs, grips, and balls better than a brush or towel alone!" While this may be true, I won't be throwing away my groove cleaner anytime soon:
Picture of my kid's club grooves before:


After ten seconds cleaning and drying with the "scrubber" side.

Bottom line: for $25 you get a top of the line golf towel that will clean grips, balls, and club faces better than any towel. The white towel will not look new for long. You still need a groove cleaner to get the grooves clean


Pros: Scrub side is amazing especially wet

Cons: Dry side not so plush

I used this towel this morning and tried to make it part of my routine. I don't wear a glove and I always wet one side of a towel and wipe the Tour Wraps down and then dry them so they are tacky. I wet the Invisibrush towel and found it to be awesome at cleaning the grips and removing dirt from the club faces. Drying my grips was another matter and the towel could have used some more thickness on the non-scrub side to get the grips dry. I was thinking that if the towel would be one half scrub on both sides and the bottom half plush on both sides you could have the best of both worlds. As it is, I will keep this towel to clean my clubs and grips as it worked perfectly wet and probably use another towel to dry them. 


Pros: the scrubbers actually work

Cons: it's white so everything shows up

This towel has one unique feature: one side is made of little "scrubby" bristles that are invisible from normal distances. These little scrubby things do a surprisingly good job of getting down into the grooves of a golf club to clean the club thoroughly.


The towel is large enough to last awhile, but the white color (they have a grey model too) shows every bit of dirt there is, which isn't the most attractive thing to hang from your bag.

Rule Golf Rule 14 Invisibrush Golf Towel

The rulefourteen Invisibrush Golf Towel is a revolutionary, all-in-one hybrid towel that cleans clubs, grips and balls better than a brush or towel alone! It features an innovative, patent pending, dual-grain construction with an absorbent microfiber face and a coarse scrubber backing for clean clubs and crisp shots. The all-in-one rulefourteen Invisibrush towel is the best golf towel you'll ever own! Machine washable and dryable. Made in the U.S.A

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List Price$20.00
ManufacturerRule Golf
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TitleNew Rule Golf Rulefourteen Rule 14 Invisibrush Golf Towel
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