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Nice solid towel

A Review On: Rule Golf Rule 14 Invisibrush Golf Towel

Rule Golf Rule 14 Invisibrush Golf Towel

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Pros: Scrubby side makes cleanup a breeze

Cons: Doesn't clean deep grooves

I received a grey towel which is very attractive. The plush side is microfiber in a deep grey with the reverse scrubber side is a slightly darker grey.







I really like this towel. The grey hides dirt well. The photos above are after playing two rounds and cleaning multiple clubs. You can barely see any dirt at all.


The scrubby side does a very good job of cleaning your irons and removes the dirt quickly and efficiently. Th scrubby side can't get all the way down into the grooves and there were a couple of times I had to pull out the wire brush for a deep clean. The scrubby side is also very nice for cleaning grips - I use cord grips and this did a nice job of both cleaning them and roughing them up at the same time.


It's hard to tell the plush side from the scrubby side, especially when the towel was wet. I had a couple of occasions where I wanted to wipe down a wood and was concerned I'd use the wrong side and scratch up the paint. It'd be nice if the scrubby side was a complimentary color but this is a minor nitpick.


Overall this is a very nice towel that makes keeping your clubs clean a breeze.


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