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Very convenient towel

A Review On: Rule Golf Rule 14 Invisibrush Golf Towel

Rule Golf Rule 14 Invisibrush Golf Towel

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Pros: cleans club grooves

Cons: white

This is a very convenient golf towel. One side has a standard soft feel, the other side is course and can be used to clean the clubface and grooves more effectively than a soft towel can.

I took it with me to the driving range on a day with some soft/damp ground. I was cleaning moist dirt off of my clubface every three or four swings. The towel was able to help me get the dirt out of my grooves with just a firm press and a couple swipes. There was a little bit left in the very corners of the grooves, but they were cleaned all the way to the bottom. I saw similar use on the golf course.

It didn't clean dry dirt as well, and it didn't do too well with grooves that were already filled with caked dry dirt. But if a club starts clean, I think it does a good job of keeping it clean. Which is probably all you would expect of a towel.

It was much more convenient than using the brush. Granted we're talking about a few seconds of time, but when it comes to the mundane cleaning of clubs, the faster it goes the more likely it is to be done -- at least, for me it is. So I was pleased with the ability to clean 97% of the face and grooves with so little effort.

I won't throw away my club brush, but I use it a less often now when I'm playing with this towel.

The biggest downside, IMO, is that the towel is white. It will look messy quickly if you're using it regularly.


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