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Scotty Cameron Futura Mid


Pros: Confident Set-up, Easy to Align, Balance, Roll

Cons: Sound

This is a Scotty Original that was used on Tour for some years before making its public debut in 2003. This futuristic mallet with a higher MOI puts a great roll on the ball. Aside from a tingy sound, the putter almost swings itself. You may get a few looks from its still radical design, but after rolling in a few putts they will become believers. 

Scotty Cameron Futura Mid

The Futura Mid (Belly) putter, Scotty’s latest addition to the Futura franchise has been prototyped extensively on Tour and now has finally made its way into production. The Futura Mid comes in lengths of 42-45” with a 370 gram head weight and incorporates a long bend shaft. This makes the putter face-balanced while retaining its 71 degree lie and 4 degrees of loft. The length and weight work together to give the putter perfect balance and with the majority of weight behind the ball make the takeaway and follow through effortless. The ball rolls immediately off the face and the sole was designed so the putter never closes when setting up to the ball. The top-line is shaped for a contoured look and two red sightlines have been added to the body of the putter to aid alignment. Scotty designed a new split-round Baby T grip in red and fits the new model perfectly. The Futura Mid has been a hit on Tour and several top players have it in the bag. The Futura has just raised the bar in the Art of Putting.

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