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Seemore method and this Seemore PCB putter changed everything!

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Pros: Face balanced at impact, quality finish, RST alignment system, heavy and balanced swing weight

Cons: Nickel is not as dark as images -- will get better if it darkens with age

A putter and a method:


This Seemore PCB putter is a wonderfully balanced, center shafted putter in its own right. Anyone could pick it up, use it, and enjoy the quality milled finish and balanced feel. It is a beautiful putter and a simple test drive will show it is well made. 


But what makes Seemore putters special is their alignment system -- Riflescope technology or RST. In order to take advantage of the Seemore RST alignment system ("Hide The Dot") you will need to embrace their concept of a neutral setup and a gentle arc swing. The promise is that if you embrace the RST idea, your setup and arc will be the same every time you putt. I decided to change my inconsistent SBST putting style to Seemore's technique with this putter. I bought the length they recommended (2" longer than my old putter) and committed to changing to their suggested putting style -- which is more traditional than my homemade style has been for years. Because the "Hide-The-Dot" idea helps not only with setup, but allows you to check your arc, I quickly learned to feel my arms hang and my shoulders turn on the gentle arc. I did a few drills from their website (the arm hanging drill was most helpful).  A few hours in the basement and results were amazing. I was standing taller, letting my arms swing with a shoulder turn, releasing the club after impact, and hitting dead straight putts. This putter wants to be square at impact -- is that because of the face balanced at impact concept?


I used to need to search for my putting stroke on the practice green before every round. Somedays I found the feel, ball position, just the right amount of forward press, hands holding the club square past impact, and speed control that made me a good putter that day. Other days I was still tinkering and searching for a putter stroke on the 18th green. My buddies described my putting as "streaky" -- a polite way of saying I was inconsistent with some good days among the awful days. 


I think the Seemore method is not really so different than most good putters teach, with a few exceptions. But it is all very different for me. The Seemore technique and this PCB putter changed everything.


Wow what a difference Seemore has made. I now know exactly what I'm trying to do when I set up to the ball. I can check my setup by "hiding the dot." I can check my arc by hiding the dot when the putter is back and through. I hit the center of the putter almost every time and the ball rolls beautifully straight on my line. And, tomorrow my putting should be the same as it was yesterday and today. No more searching on the practice green before a round. 


If the few rounds I've played since switching to Seemore are any indication, I will soon be a consistently good putter. In less than three weeks, I'm already better than I've ever been -- and I'm 55 and have hit a lot of putts in my lifetime.


The purchase process:


I got my Seemore PCB directly from Seemore. I had one long conversation with someone there about the different styles and clarified a few things for me from their website. I did some additional online research, then ordered my putter online. The process was simple. You get a choice length to the 1/4", lie, grip (from a large selection of no additional charge grips to a $20 up charge for Super Stroke grips, and you select from many head cover options. I chose 34", standard lie, Super Stroke 3.0, and the "Large RST White magnetic" head cover. I assumed that "Large White" referred to the size of the graphic and not the size of the head cover. But, I wrote a note in the additional comments section saying if the Large White head cover was too big for the PCB putter, please substitute the Crazy White cover. I got an email back saying the Large White would work but they'd sent two just to be sure I was happy. And let me tell you, these are as nice as any putter head cover I've seen. It is a little thing, both the extra head cover and the fact that they are so high quality, but it shows me that this is a company that cares about details and making customers happy.


After getting my 34" putter and working with it. I revisited the length decision. Seemore advised a 35" based on my measurements. I was used to a 33" so I thought 34" would be fine. I practice some with my hands off the end of the grip and realized that I could set up better with a 35". So I called the company, talked with someone who was very helpful. He said someplace like Golfsmith or The PGA Superstore could extend the shaft easily. If I wasn't happy about the work, just send it back and they'd take care of it. "But you'll be without a putter for a while as it ships back and forth, so I'd try and get it done locally. Let me know if I can help. I'm Jim, one of the owners."


I am a sucker for high quality finishes and great service. My Seemore PCB is milled like a work of art, even the head cover is nicer than anything I've seen before, and the service has been amazing.


The Bottom Line: 


This Seemore PCB Nickle putter is a beautiful, face balanced and face balanced at impact putter, with a milled face and quality finishes. Add the Seemore RST concept, outstanding customer service and support, helpful web instructional videos, and you have a winner.


1 Comment:

I switched to SeeMore earlier this year - I have to echo what RRC states above. Superb customer service. I'm alternating between a SB1 (mallet) and an FGP2 (mid-mallet). I can't say for sure that my putting stats are greatly improved (yet), since my league switched to a much harder course with severely tilted greens and lots of bunkers. I do feel much more consistent and confident in my stroke.
I would also highly recommend taking a lesson from one of SeeMore's certified instructors (listed on their website). Chris Carfangia was closest to me, and he was awesome in helping me to understand & effectively use the RST method and help choose a model that worked optimally for me. He spent a lot of time helping me understand why my good strokes felt good & worked, and why the poor strokes didn't work. For example, I was misaligned to compensate for a poor swing when I first started, and his video analysis showed how much my body was torqued with me never realizing it!
This level of detail, knowledge and the passion to help golfers become better putters & players is (IMHO) what sets Seemore apart from other companies. I believe that after working with a guy like Chris, you would become a better putter - even if you didn't use a Seemore.
I'd definitely like to try the PCB, but I'll stick with the 2 models I have now.
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