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The Serola Belt is a very good product.

A Review On: Serola Sacroiliac Belt

Serola Sacroiliac Belt

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Pros: Supportive, Comfortable, Functional

Cons: Durability over an extended period of use.

Product Summary:

This product provided support and enabled me to continue golfing during recovery from severe lower back pain and stiffness.

Without use of the Serola Belt, I probably would have not been able to play golf for several weeks this past summer.

This product provided relief, is very functional and comfortable, easy to wear while active, does not inhibit or hinder activity while in use.

The multiple adjustment elastic Velcro features are easy to adjust for comfort and support.

I liked the features and design of the product. This belt is narrow across the front stomach area and flexible which makes it comfortable while in a sitting position.

When walking or swing a golf club, I could hardly tell I was wearing it.


Overall, I rated this product a very good value.


Testing Period:

I have used the Serola Belt for two weeks since receiving it on a daily basis.

I wore the belt while at home during normal activities and while driving/traveling for several hours.

I have worn the belt during 10 rounds of playing golf.

The past couple of rounds, I would remove the belt periodically.

During these past two weeks, the weather has been cool and hot in the area I live.

I have worn the belt both over my clothing and under my golf shorts.

I also wore the belt while asleep a few times.



My Observations:

On very warm days while wearing the belt, my golf shorts did become damp from sweat and I simply removed it for a short period of time.

During other cooler days, this did not happen.

Wearing the belt with various golf shorts, I was able to use both my front and back pockets.

A few pair of my golf shorts required adjusting the belt position to be able to reach into the pockets.

When playing golf, I did not notice any differences in my golf swing due to wearing the belt.

After playing golf while wearing the Serola Belt, I did not have any back discomfort or stiffness.

The belt is comfortable while in a seated position, but would suggest to the manufacture to narrow the width slightly across the front area.

During a couple of rounds this past week, I would remove the belt for a half hour.

I did experience lower back stiffness after a short period of time and put the belt back on.

Almost immediately, the slight pain subsided and I was able to continue and finish the round. 

The belt material has shown  "wayfaring" from normal use, which is common of elastic products. 



I am very pleased with this product.

I have recommended this product to several friends who also have lower back problems.

Without having this Serola Belt, I surely would have had to limit my golf activities for several weeks.

Thank you Dr. Serola  and The Sand Trap for providing this product to the members.


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