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Has Potential, Not For Me.

A Review On: Serola Sacroiliac Belt

Serola Sacroiliac Belt

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Pros: Provides Support, Comfortable While Standing

Cons: Uncomfortable While Bending or Sitting

I've dealt with back pain (herniated discs, L4/L5, and to a lesser extend L3/L4) for close to 20 years, and at its peak, the pain was debilitating enough to cause me to basically retire from golf for a couple of years.  After attempting various treatments, I was finally healthy enough in the last few years to pick the game back up.  However, no matter how good I feel, my back is still always some amount of sore or achy, before, during and after playing golf.  So I jumped at the chance to test out a product designed specifically for golf that claims to relieve back pain.


It is a stretchy, elastic-like belt that functions a bit like a weight belt, but is to be worn much lower on the body to work effectively.  Rather than being worn around the waist to provide lumbar support, it is worn around the hips to support the SI joint.  This is where I start running into problems.  Around the rear and along the side, it feels quite supportive and comfortable, however, in front, it gets a bit ... bunchy.  It's close enough to the lower pelvic area (if you know what I mean) in front to be a bit constricting.  And this is especially true when bending over to pick up a ball, or sitting down in a golf cart.  It's just a bit uncomfortable.


The other issue I have with the belt is that I feel a bit goofy wearing a belt around my hips; not exactly "fashion forward."  Now, it is not terribly thick and if you have pants or shorts that have a little room in them, you could very easily wear this on the inside and nobody would ever know.  But for me, that just added to the "bunchy" feeling by having it be squished in there between layers of clothing, with no real way to make adjustments if they became necessary.


Now, I will say that each time I've worn it at the range, it did appear as though my soreness was lessened AND it certainly provided some support.  If my back pain ever starts to heighten and become a little tougher to manage, I will suck it up and wear my goofy looking belt with pride.  But until then, it's just a little too uncomfortable and unattractive for my tastes.


For those of you out there with more severe pain, and are perhaps in a position to have to make decisions that include possibly having to give up golf, I highly recommend giving this product a try.

1 Comment:

I had the same experience. 3 range sessions, and 1 round of golf. I also wear mine under my shorts, and the belt does ride up, which means you have to go to the boys room and readjust it.
Walking, or playing golf is no problem, but sitting is where the issue lies, although if you wear it outside of your shorts or pants, it's easy to adjust. And yes, it does help relieve the pain.
I'll do a review in a couple of days, I want to get 1 more round of golf in wearing the belt. 
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