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Skillzys Golf Rule Tagz

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Skillzys Golf Rule Tagz

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Pros: Simple, compact, full of information

Cons: Just one more thing to hang off your bag

I have to admit that I am an equipment junkie when it comes to golf.  I love buying anything and everything that has to do with the game.  When I saw the Skillzys golf rule tagz, I knew that was something I wanted in my arsenal. 


I like to think that I know the basic rules and the outcome of most hazardous situations you will find during the course of play.  But it never fails that when playing in a group, a situation occurs and no one can seem to agree on the ruling.  The Skillzys rule tagz would easily solve this issue. They are the size of a credit card, so they aren’t in the way.  They are conveniently located on a key chain like strap that connects to your bag.  And they are full of essential information when it comes to the most common rulings that you will encounter on the course.  You’ve got your red stakes card, yellow stakes card, white stakes card, obstruction card, common rules card, and the unplayable lies card.  It’s like having a PGA rules official on your bag at all times. Each color coded card has all of the options for play depending on the predicament in which you find yourself.


At first glance of these, I was afraid of losing them with the supplied bag attachment.  But upon closer inspection, I saw that the cable used to make this attachment had threaded ends. Very nice addition and deals with the fear of losing them.  The idea is genius and convenient as I stated earlier.  Me being a picky person and not liking a lot of “stuff” on my bag, I only had one thing I didn’t like about them and that is the simple fact that they hang off my bag.  Wow!  How nitpicky?  I know, I know.  But that is just me personally.  So with that being said, they will get used whenever possible (especially in our games when I need to call out some playing partners on that foot wedge), but they will end up in my accessories pouch rather than hanging off the side of the bag.


Long story short, I give them two thumbs up!!  They are a great idea that is simple and to the point! And the best part, no more arguments over how the ball should be played!


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