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Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball Reviews


Decent, but not a leader


Pros: Good spin on solid shots

Cons: Driver distance

I was motivated to try the Q-Star because of the wedge spin ratings it got from the 2012 Golf Digest Hot List. It was the first Srixon ball I tried. It definitely did spin, but spin had to be earned. I think that it stopped as quickly as the most spinny mid-priced balls I've used, but only when it was hit solidly. It stopped much less impressively when struck less well. On the one end I had a couple of great full wedge approaches onto very soft greens that rolled out barely an inch. On the other end I had many somewhat decent approach shots onto harder greens that ran 12 feet past the pin. I stopped a 7-iron in 12 feet on a medium-hard green, but had several full wedge shots run out 15...
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Found my ball.


Pros: Long distance, very soft with putter, nice amount of spin around the greens.

Cons: Not a single one.

Started playing this ball this month and all I can say is Wow! I am amazed at how long this ball is. I gained about 10 yards over the Bridgestone B330 RX. Unlike most distance balls that don't hold the green on approach shots, this ball has no problem checking up. The best thing about this ball is the way it feels off the putter face, its very soft. This is really going to be my ball for the next couple of years as long as they don't try to change it like most other companies do. 

Not As Good as AD333 or Trispeed


Pros: None

Cons: Too hard; less distance for slow swing speeds

I have used AD333 balls for 15 years, and also use Trispeeds. I have a 15 index, am a senior, with a swing speed of 80 MPH. My wife has an index of 12, and presently uses Tri Speeds or Precept Lady IQ.   I have spread the word about AD333s to my senior group, and one elderly man now uses them with an increase of 15 yds on a drive.   This past weekend, in non competition, I bought some Q stars for me, my wife, and her friend (also a good golfer), and we played 18 holes.   My wifes comment: These balls are awful, feel hard, don't go as far as a Trispeed. Would not buy    Her friends comment: No good   My comment: Probably less distance...
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Are we sure this is conforming? ;)


Pros: Straight flight, added distance, decent feel

Cons: These yellow ones will give me away when found in water

I really didnt think that there was a ball that would get me away from Titleist, but I am really excited after my first round with the Q-Star.   As a disclaimer I will add that this was my 4th round with my new driver and I am now more comfortable off of the tee.   My first round I hit 13/14 fairways - everything flew straight - no slice/hook/draw/fade. My only miss was inches off of the fairway.   My average drives were 15 yards further than I was getting with my previous ball - irons were definitely a bit longer too. All day I was in a better position for GIRs than I normally am.   The feel on the putting was decent (not a Pro V1 feel), but good...
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Decent ball for a good price


Pros: Decent distance, control, putter feel (for me) and great price point

Cons: higher ball flight than I would like

I don't have anything bad to say about this ball. I tend to get a higher ball flight than I would like when I strike the ball well but it's not a deal breaker. Love the way this ball feels off the putter and it also has decent control for approach shots on average public course greens. Not sure how it would react on courses with firmer greens.

Best ball for my game


Pros: Straight, good spin

Cons: None

  I've been searching for a ball this summer. The search is over. The Q-Star is staying in the bag. Over the last few months I've played a lot of different balls trying to find the one that I like in every aspect of my game. The Q-Star fits perfect. Here's what I've been playing.   Nike 20XI-X Nike One Tour D Nike One Vapor Speed Titleist NTX Tour Titleist Pro V1 Bridgestone E6 Bridgeston B300 RXS Taylormade Penta TP   For one reason or another none of the above did everything, driver distance, iron feel, spin around the greens and putter feel. I could get 3 of 4 out of the balls above, but the Q-Star fits all 4. And, the fact that they only cost...
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