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A Review On: Srixon Q-Star Pure White Golf Balls

Srixon Q-Star Pure White Golf Balls

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Pros: No Spin Off the Driver, Moderate Spin With Low Irons and Wedges, Soft For a Two-Piece Ball, Long Lasting, Cheap

Cons: If you don't hit it correctly with shorts chips the ball will run

The Q-star is designed for amateurs with 80+ mph swings. Although I swing at a speed of 92-97 mph I didn't wanted to go with Q-Star instead of the Z-Star because I have never used a Srixon ball before. But the ball never disappointed me. The ball was very durable, cheaper than the Titleist balls, and I split the fairways with this ball. I liked the ball because I could bend the ball when I wanted, and had forgiveness when i needed it, when I get that good old slice going. The ball does spin more than I thought it would for a two piece ball, but it will run out if you don't get enough spin on the shorter chips. Overall a very good ball especially for amateurs.


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