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Stonewolf Golf Club


Pros: Well maintained, nice clubhouse

Cons: Typical real estate development course that takes forever to play. A Nicklaus design with too many bunkers for the average player.

I would call this course "typical" in that it is your typical housing development course that winds through a subdivision adding an hour or so to your round. Way too much distance between tees to play with any kind of rythym or effeciency. It is also a typical Jack Nicklaus design that is heavily and severely bunkered, too much for your typical 15-20 handicapper to enjoy. Better players with lots of time on their hands will probably enjoy it. Players with too much money and equipment way better than they are will probably enjoy it as well.


It is of the "country club for a day" genre so you get a number of folks there in over their heads which adds the the length of the day.


The clubhouse and staff were/are very good and the condition was good for early in the year.


I played for free, but I understand it is a bit pricey for the St. Louis/Southern IL area, as are most "name" designed courses. Again "typical".


It is a good course, a pretty place (when not winding through neighborhoods) but not something I'd go out of my way to play again.

Stonewolf Golf Club

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