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A Review On: Straight Talking Golf, DVD by Dalton McCrary

Straight Talking Golf, DVD by Dalton McCrary

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Phil McGleno
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Pros: Dalton is supposedly a pro, but I dont buy it

Cons: This costs you money and wastes your time

I've been around golf for decades and Dalton McCrary has been too. My own contempt for his snake oil bullshit is too strong to write a review myself so I compiled a few of the more accurate reviews from http://www.golfreview.com/cat/accessories/dalton-mccrary/straight-shootin-golf/prd_76476_2947crx.aspx#reviews . As soon as a bad review is posted there they add a five-star review from a fake account so I am compiling the bad ones here.

I dont care who you are or where you live-Do not waste your money on this.

This is "Snake Oil"! I purchased this from one of Kevin Trudeau's infomercials. That in and of itself should be a red flag. The discussion is how "easy" it is. In fact, the tape pushes three hours long and gets more complicated than a "correct" golf swing. I got the tape for my son. His game got worse! I was a 4 handicap and after watching the tape went to a 12. It took 2 years for me to flush this poison out of my golf swing/system. Dont buy it!!

I purchased Daltons straight shooting golf about 4 years ago when it first apperared with Kevin Trudeau.I was a low 80's to low 90's player and thought this would take me to the next level. Well 4 to 5 years of hitting that tire later my scores are the same. All I will say is that my best round ever still came before I bought this course. My advise,just see your PGA pro and go to the driving range.

The infomercials said that Dalton would teach you "the secret" to hitting the golf ball straight. I stupidly thought that there was one thing that everyone was doing wrong (including me). However, I got the videos only to discover that I actually need to completely change my swing. Although there are some people that can probably do this I feel that for most average golfers (my handicap is 12) this would be a fruitless exercise. Granted if I changed my swing and put in all the practice I need to master this new swing I'd probably knock a few shots of that handicap, but I would probably lose as many just by practicing the same amount of time with my current swing. This video, in my opinion, would only be useful for someone who genuinely is poor at golf or who has not played that long so that they could quite easily change the swing to Dalton's

Which PGA tour player's use Dalton as their Swing coach? Oh, I guess there aren't any. How many tour events did Good Ol' Boy win? Hmmm, I guess the answer is none. What a coincidence. Rick Smith is the swing coach for many of the top pros. He calls Dalton's philosophy incorrect. Please everybody, don't waste your money on Mcfairy's system. Find your local pga professional, and getyourself some solid fundamentals you can build upon. I hit the ball straight and long. I have tremendous club lag that allows me to deliver a powerful impact on the ball. Dalton's method wiil keep you playing on the white tees instead of from the tips like me. You should see the tee box back there. Real nice!! Not big divots back there like the white tees, where all the McCrary followers are hitting their wristee moon shots and taking driver divots. LOL :)

Dalton's method is not sound. Straight back, straight up?? That's not the way the golf swing works. Sorry Pardner!!(As dingleberry Dalton would say) And yes, that is a Weak grip he teaches!! He tries to hide his ideas behind a legend like Harvey Pennick. Just because Harvey Pennick knew the importance of a good grip does not mean he would have endorsed Dalton's! This is a very poor system. Extremely flawed. You will look silly and play poorly with this system. If you want to improve your game, look to Rick Smith or David Leadbetter for instruction.

I was a useful 15 handicapper until I bought this video.I lost twenty to thirty yards with all my clubs and completly messed up my swing to the point of almost giving up the game.last week I took a lesson from an excellent club pro who corrected my terrible "wristy" swing within 5 minutes. you can only take a divot when you hit down on the ball. Whats the point of taking a one inch divot when the club is sweeping the club off the ground.The club must strike the ball and ground at the same time,this is not possible with this type of swing.Dalton says " if your not using your wristies your losing power", absolute trash. this video wrecked my game for a year think carefully before making a purchase.

I wrote a review of this instructional tape series last January. I gave my honest opinion of this product as briefly as possible, but with several examples of my concerns with the "instruction". Today I received a rather snotty email from Dalton (Steve) McCreary hisself. I imagine everyone else who has written a negative review has received the same email or one similar.

I stand by my review, and want to clarify what I wrote. In the first part of the instruction you are told to take a one inch divot and it is explained this occurs because of your right knee bending on the stroke and follow through, ending up one inch lower than your left knee. In the fourth lesson, a review and recap, McCreary demonstrates a swing and doesn't take a divot; swings again and takes a shallow one. From then on, including the roll up at the end of the tape your are told to skim the ground. So what is it? Take a one inch divot or skim the ground? As one other reviewer has stated recently, a divot is the result of correctly striking the ball first with an iron on a downward plane and taking turf as a result of the momentum of the swing and follow through. In his "review" on this site Dalton mentions Hogan's Five Lessons. Mr. Hogan goes into great detail about swing planes and shaft angles on the back swing and down stroke. As I remember, Dalton ridicules the whole idea of these basic swing concepts. I am always looking for ways to improve my game. I believe anyone who plays golf on a regular basis feels the same way. I do not believe Straight Shootin' Golf is the answer; not with all of the really excellent sources available, including Hogan's book.

Dont waste your money on this crap! This guy is a snake oil salesman preying on foolish people. Save your money and use it for some proper lessons from a PGA profesional! Anyone who gives this a good rating is ignorant! There is no secret easy way to good golf! You need to study, and practice a lot!

This was the very first instructional series that I purchased and, to put it bluntly, it's been disastrous. I've recently purchased the book "Swing like a Pro" which is a scientific, biomechanical analysis of the golf swing and it contradicts EVERYTHING espoused in Dalton McCrary's videos. What's worse, it directly gives biomechanical evidence for why many of the so-called "tips" in these videos will ultimately ruin the average person's golf game. What originally came off as excellent "insider" information in these videos now seems like the ravings of a lunatic; special moves that McCrary attributes to the pros are totally debunked in "Swing like a Pro." Whipping the wrist? NO top pro does it (contrary to Mr. McCrary) and the effects of doing it are DEVASTATING! Left hand control of the golf club? A complete myth, also debunked. Twenty-inch zone of squareness? Nope, no pro relies on it and attempting to create it will cause an over-the-top swing the likes of which you've never seen. Centering the ball in the middle of your stance at address? DISASTROUS! Don't even THINK about making consistent contact with the ball if you try this. The swing is in the ARMS? Forget it. Empirical evidence conclusively shows that the full golf swing resides primarily in the effectiveness of shifting your weight from one foot to the other at the appropriate times in the swing, something else that McCrary doesn't recommend. I could go on and on. Only the greenest beginner would find any value in this information and s/he would spend the rest of his/her life correcting the myriad of bad habits these videos teach. NO professional golfer of any note has a swing even REMOTELY resembling Mr. McCrary's swing and there are very good reasons for that. I've personally learned the hard way that these videos DO NOT WORK. If you want to know the mechanics of a REAL full golf swing or just correct the crap that these videos may have injected into your game, get "Swing like a Pro" and end the mysteries for good.

This guy will screw up your swing big time. I took three lessons from him at a driving range in Grapevine, TX 6 years ago and it took a year to get me swing back. His real name is Steve McCrary or at least thats what is was in 1995. I almost passed out when I saw that he was making videos. His only guarantee should be that he will have you coming over the top in a month. Ask any professional if they cast the club from the top. Steve will tell you it's the big secret that the pro's don't want you to know about. What a bunch of B.S. If you are considering buying a video from this guy don't.

This set of videos is the worst thing that I have ever purchased. This guy is a complete idiot. He presents the information in a way so that you will feel inclined to buy all of the extra stuff that he sells along with it. For a real swing trainer, purchase a Kallassy Swing Magic.

This video is a JOKE and I believe it can be devastating to those who use it, especially beginners. There are two main flaws to what he preaches: 1) He recommends that you CAST the club at the top of backswing so you can get it square to the target line a good foot or so before the ball. This does accomplish what he says it will.....you will hit the ball straight BUT you might as well forget about having ANY power in your shots. 2) He encourages a WAY exagerrated right foot turn. In fact, he suggests that your right foot should pivot (and point to the target) BEFORE the club gets to the ball (or at the same time), so that your right hand is next to your pocket at impact. He claims this is what causes a divot. So, in summary, he advises you to cast the club at the top of your swing then immediately throw the heel of your right foot out. BOTH will cause a tremendous lack of power. Do not buy this product if you are serious about your game.

In general, this is a bunch of crap! The instruction (if you can call it that) is amatuerish in presentation and incomplete. He encourages you to review the tapes over and over again, but if you do, you soon begin to recognize the inconsistencies. He basically trys teach you a full wedge/short iron swing and then tell you it works for all clubs, which is utter nonsense. My favorite gaf is when he flubs a shot in the last tape and then trys to tap dance around it. And the dufus he has "helping" as a student demonstrator would be better served buying q-tips to clean the @#$% out of his ears!

this program is a great example of advertising but it does not deliver much as far as golf instruction. it does try to sell other products endorsed by good ole Dalton which are also suspect. there are a lot of better instructional aids out there it is just a matter of finding them...

This video collection is a joke. The videos are infomercials in themselves. He tries to sell you new clubs and all kind of other junk! Don't waste your money.


I wouldn't call this a review Erik... Maybe you should ask Phil to rewrite?
Even if not a traditional review, it seems therapeutic, and he recommends that golfers avoid the purchase. I think the first paragraph is his review. The series resulted in a decrease in the quality of his game.
Surprised he gave it half a star. But then, I guess you've got to give it something or it won't post...
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