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Strawberry Farms Golf Club


Pros: Great staff/service, really fun course layout

Cons: Overpriced, not in the best shape as of 5/26/14

Played here for the first time on Memorial day (5/26/14). My buddy had a free pass and some other discount, so we split one discounted green fee $44/each. The guy we played with paid full price (holiday rate) at $160. We didn't tell him how much we paid, he was too nice of a guy lol. From the Blue tees: 6,270 yards, 70.7/131.


Anyway...was really impressed with the staff. Everyone was super nice and went the extra mile to provide a great experience. Loaded our clubs onto our cart for us, gave us extra tees and free bottles of water. I loved how the first tee was not visible from the club house and they have you wait until the group in front is on the green until they even send you to the tee. After our round was over they had some employees wipe our clubs down and load them into our car. Mind you, I typically play muni courses, so this was awesome to me lol.


The area hasn't had a lot of water this year so the fairways were super dry and dead in some places. Greens were OK . . .some better than others, but slightly above average muni greens overall. The condition of the course certainly does not justify the full rate. The condition vs price is really the only con IMO.


I thought the course was really fun, layout-wise! Not too difficult but no pushover. I'm a mid handicapper, was striking the ball well and shot an 83. Lost 7 of those 12 strokes to putting. Most of the greens were difficult to read (for me), very deceiving double-breaks on a couple holes, and it took me awhile to figure out the pace. Definitely some scoring opportunities for the better players. The back 9 was very interesting and fun, with some great views. Here is the dramatic view from the blue tees on hole 10 (par 4, 360 yards)...


I had heard that this course was super difficult and beginners shouldn't play there, but that's not true at all. There are plenty of places to lose balls (my most proud stat of the round was ZERO lost balls and ZERO penalty strokes :-D), but also some wiiiidddeee fairways and large greens. I'd love to play here again, but I would not pay full price unless I heard that conditions (particularly, fairway conditions) had improved. There are better courses for that price within 20 miles either way. That being said, I think anyone that plays golf in Orange County should try this course at least once. You will enjoy it!




Pros: Beautiful course, great condition.

Cons: Pricey, tight

Went out for an early bird special with a buddy who was in town. $30 on weedays within an hour of sunup, with the cart and breakfast included. Other than being a bit cold, it was a great round. The staff was really nice, the course was in great condition, and by some miracle we left with more balls than we came with....go figure....


Pros: Clean facility, solid layout, great green complexes, nice practice area

Cons: Bring your credit card - it's expensive

Strawberry Farms is a solid course in Irvine, California (Orange County).  It is near the 405 and University/Jeffery exit.  


The course is in solid condition for a public course, but the prices are expensive.  The rack rate is $160 for 18 holes and cart on the weekend.  A little too pricey for my liking.  But you can sometimes find discounted rates on their website... I typically only play Strawberry Farms when I can find one of the discounted rates which are typically $90 to $100.  Still a little pricey, but the quality of golf is better than most of the other public courses in the area. 

Strawberry Farms Golf Club

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Strawberry Farms Golf Course combines the rural beauty and tranquility of the surrounding area with the challenge of true championship golf. As the premier golf course in Southern California, Strawberry Farms is the preferred course among corporate groups and golf enthusiasts alike.



Rate Card Through December 31, 2012

Public Green Fees Mon-Thurs Fri-Sun
18-hole $ 110 $ 160
Twilight $ 75 $ 100
Super-Twilight $ 50 $ 75
Back-9 & Breakfast $ 40 $ 50
Junior Green Fees Mon-Thurs Fri-Sun
18-hole $ 50 $ 60
(16 & under must be accompanied by paid Adult)
Super-Twilight $ 25 $ 25
(16 & under walking only)
Resident Green Fees (City of Irvine) Mon-Thurs Fri-Sun
18-hole $ 75 $ 115
Senior Green Fees Mon-Fri  
18-hole (60+) $ 75  
18-hole (65+) $ 65  


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