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A Review On: Sun Mountain 2012 Micro Cart

Sun Mountain 2012 Micro Cart

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Pros: It beats the crap out of anything you'll rent. Lightweight and maneuverable.

Cons: A bit annoying to fit in the trunk with the golf bag, but I think worth the effort. Pricey.

Like most golfers, I love to walk the course. I'm not the biggest fan of carrying however, so I tested a few push carts at Dick's and settled on the 2012 Sun Mountain Micro Cart. I've had it for a season now. Since I usually would rent a crappy cart whenever I would play, it made sense to just buy a nice one. The money I've saved now that I no longer rent has probably paid for the cart already. 


Though expensive, I'm happy with my purchase. It's easy pushing my bag around the course without much effort, and the four wheel design makes for better maneuverability and overall balance. It's got plenty of spots for me to throw my stuff, and the overall ease of use makes up for how crowded my trunk gets when I lug this thing and my clubs around. 


I'd recommend this to anyone looking to buy a nice push cart. I think this thing is durable enough to last me a long time, but we'll see. The only warning I'd give is to not mess around too much with one of the locking mechanisms near the neck area. I did, and it was a pain in the butt putting all the washers and screws back correctly. As long as you're not an idiot like me, then you should probably be fine ;-D


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