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A Review On: Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag- Black

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag- Black

Rated # 5 in Golf Cart Bags
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Pros: Function, Style, Reverse Top Orientation, Pockets Galore

Cons: Price


After getting frustrated with my old 6 divider mini-staff bag, I went with a 6 way modern stand bag. It's a fine bag, but it was never that great on a cart. So the search began to find the ultimate cart bag. The search ended with 2 bags making the finals. The first bag was the Titleist Cart Bag and the Sun Mountain C130, both made by Sun Mountain. Priced about the same, I went with the C130 because of the fantastic reviews and a great deal. 


This bag has the reverse orientation top that puts the shorter clubs in front and has a generous putter well. No more turning the bag around backwards and then trying to access the pockets as this one has all 9 pockets readily accessible. There is an insulated side cooler pocket, a matching side utility pocket, 2 side valuables pocket (one lined), 2 full length garment pockets, a ball well, a middle pocket, and a top middle lined range finder pocket. The range finder pocket is my favorite and is extremely convenient.  


The bag has a hidden strap on the front, and is super light. It has several handles that make loading a snap and the cart attachment system keeps it all secure. I have used this bag for over a month and I am sold on the convenience and functionality this bag offers. Not too mention that it comes in a variety of colors, but I chose the always in style black on grey (plus it matches my new grips shown below). If you are in the market, keep this one on your short list. It's not the most inexpensive, but it is packed with features. 





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