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Swing Like a Pro

Swing Like a Pro

Swing Like a Pro ushers in a new era of sports instruction that combines the traits of every golfer's unique, individual swing with the subtle, techniques all great golfers have in common. Featuring CompuSport's computer-generated "Pro," who shoots a 50 every time, Swing Like a Pro embodies the best tactics known to golfers today. Readers match the Pro's scientifically proven tips with their own movements to create a swing mirroring golf's most talented players. Topics include:The Pro Setup, with the secrets of body balance and club alignmentThe backswing's seven essential elements, with drills for improvementThe downswing for distance and accuracy, and how you can have bothTiming and tempo, when the Pro puts it all togetherSwing Like a Pro's dynamic 3-D images far surpass traditional sports photography, making this an unrivaled approach to golf instruction and proving there is such a thing as a perfect swing.

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