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Swing Profile App

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Pros: Easy to use, intuitive, auto swing sequencing of key positions

Cons: would like P6 Position added to sequence



This is a very unique piece of software for use on the range and for teaching.  I found it easy to use and to work with.  The one feature that was particularly nice was that once you had yourself or someone else  set up in frame, the software would diagnose when a swing was in process and capture it.  You do not have start the process and trim away a bunch of useless video on either side of the process.  When you review what has been captured you will see that a sequence of shots has been captured in key positions (address, up-swing, top, down-swing, impact, follow-through, and finish).   I for one would like to have a the position between down-swing and impact set as part of the sequence but that is just me and not usually part of many sequence shots.   As with many other software packages, you can draw in your lines (but not circles).  If you do the multi-lines, the degree of the angle is automatically calculated.  


You are able to view multiple sequences at once so that you can see yourself (or a student or friend) before and after a change, etc.  or.. you can do the compare/contrast with other players.  


There are a couple of interesting features.  You can flip the player around (become left or right handed) and you can capture players from your TV set.  As you can see from the bottom two screen grabs, I captured Phil Mickelson on the 17th tee at Phoenix.  I then flipped the photo so I could look at the swing in a way that I am used to seeing a swing.  


Lastly, you can film a person down the line and face on and then watch them simultaneously and stop at any give point to look at key indicators or positions.  The software has the ability to watch the swing at full speed, frame by frame and slo-mo.


I tested this software using the Ipad.  It is available for the iPhone and has free versions for both with pared down features.  You can share the photos via email, facebook, etc. and send the video in mp4 format.


All in all something I would spend my own money on.  I will most likely buy the iPhone version so that I will always have the app available in case I need a quick sequence shot.  (is this where we are going in golf.. where instead of asking someone if they see something in your swing to asking them to take a quick video of you?)


Bottom Line... A winner of an App.. This will make all the other apps step up their games.







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