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The trainer is deceptively helpful.

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Pros: Easy to use, helps with timing.

Cons: You need to have a proper swing before using it.

When I first got this trainer three months ago, I could not take advantage of it. Now that I am learning to use a proper swing, it helps me with my timing.

It forces you to use your hips more and gives you a good feel when you get the timing correct.

The only con is that the shaft is not flexible enough and it stops abruptly after the follow through. It is a little hard on the wrists when set below 5.

I warm up as recommended using a setting in the 9 or above, and gradually move down the graduations. Currently, I can comfortably make it click at 5. This is the setting on the speed dial.

Even at the lower speed settings you can do half swings and get the timing down there as well.

The main reason why I use it is to train my hips to fire first then let my body swing to catch up. This trainer really helps with that.

My whole family uses it before a round to warm up, when we can't use the driving range.

For $119 retail, it is well worth the price.


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