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TaylorMade 2009 Burner Driver Reviews


Hot Driver


Pros: easy to hit-slight draw bias-good looking

Cons: mis hits go all over

This replaced the first driver I ever got which was a Lynx Predator which was alright for my skill level but as I started to improve I also wanted to improve my equipment.   This driver is long of the tee I gained at least 15 yards over my old Lynx  The driver has a slight draw bias which helps those who have battled a slice a little bit  If you over swing it will go into the trees like any driver 

A popular driver. I see a lot of these.


Pros: Easy to hit - accomodates an imperfect swing.

Cons: Very long shaft. Wonder if that's good for most amateurs.

This replaced a high loft senior shaft Taylormade R7 Draw driver. Current model is a regular shaft 10.5 degree.   No driver is going to help you if you swing out-to-in and hit the ball with a wide open face. You get that booming slice that heads to the right and drops into the trees.   Hit it square, and the ball will go straight. Because of the length, a wild fast swing makes for plenty of bad drives. Swing it under control, and when your hands are in front of the ball, with the arms locked, then Boom!   I like this driver. Unfortunately for Taylormade sales, I will use it til it breaks. BTW, it's my third T/M model in 8 years, and while I always knew that...
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Great Driver


Pros: Fairly Large Sweetspot

Cons: Mishits end up pretty bad

I've used it about 5 times at the range as a beginner, it's shown me great improvement. The only bad thing about it is that if have a mis hit, it's probably not going to turn out well for you. This club recently dropped down to 100$ at Dick's as well. I would recommend this club to somewhat beginners, still a great club. 

Love It!


Pros: Ball explodes off the tee

Cons: mis-hits go all over

This was my first quality club purchase, and after years of playing with bargain basement gear, the difference was staggering. The ball absolutely explodes off this club, and the temptation is there to just blast away, which I did at first, but I kept finding myself in the woods. It took me a little while to get past the new hot-rod phase and temper my swing a little. Once I did, however, the true value of this club became apparent. Once I learned to hit it, and wasn't concerned with destroying the ball, the ball started to really fly long and straight. It was a bit weird at first, not having to adjust my aim to account for my slice...but I guess that's a good thing to get used to...
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Great Driver


Pros: Feel, distance

Cons: none

I got this driver about a month ago and have played about 10 rounds with it. The driver is great! It has increased my distance and I am smashing the ball. The only problem I have is that I have been hitting a fade with it and I would like to straighten it out, if you have any suggestions message me. Overall a great driver!!

great driver for the money


Pros: distance, great overall driver

Cons: not too much room for mishits but if hit near the center of the face its fine.

great distance.  consistant on decent hits.  for the price this driver is great but the new adjustable drivers might justify the extra money.


Just bought this driver, havent really read anything discerning about it yet. I was wondering about when i get home, and i try it out, are their adjustable weights that i can buy for this driver, or not? if so, where can i buy them? Thanks and i also bought the superlaunch irons, the B. Fairway woods 3 and 5, and the Rossa Monza Spider Vicini putter. If anyone can give me reviews on any of those clubs i would be interested to hear them. Thanks.
TX golf nut

Love it


Pros: Most accurate driver I've owned

Cons: What's with the weight? I don't get it.

I have never hit a driver as long and as straight as I am hitting this Burner.  First Taylormade club i've owned and I'm buying the irons next.  I'm a Taylormade fan

Great Buy!


Pros: Find it very forgiving and reliable

Cons: none

   Got a deal on it from a family friend. Although, I am a Nike enthusiast I LOVE this driver. I changed from an old Nike Ignite Driver. Will buy Taylormade drivers again.
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