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TaylorMade ATV Wedge

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Pros: No chunks defense.

Cons: Poor spin.

These wedges have met some backlash from the golfing community (as much as a TaylorMade wedge could get, really), but from where I stand, it's somewhat undeserved. If you use a Vokey 60-degree with four degrees of bounce, and you continue to struggle with shots around the green, your wedges are not helping you. Four degrees on a wedge is practically suicidal, and only really aids you in hitting one sort of shot.

TaylorMade's ATV wedges aren't the perfect wedge, far from it. I wish they'd have gone about the bounce issue a bit differently, the grooves aren't great, and I don't like the shape of the leading edge. But they've earned a spot in my bag because they take the chunked shot almost completely out of play, and perform admirably from all sorts of spots around the greens.

If you're in the market for new wedges, you owe it to yourself, for the simple sake of making this stupid game easier, to take a look at your short game, and to take a look at the ATV wedges.


Pros: great reaction with turf

Cons: big sole

My first thought was no way this is going to work.

I had a hit with them using them from a club member.

they are so easy to hit, and have good spin on them.

Hitting a flopshot was never so easy. 

Out of the rough it's not digging in like most wedges it realy

cuts its way true. I bought a 52 and 58 degree. the 52 is great out of tight lies and 

hard fairways. The 58 is great to use for all kind of shots round the green, without 

having to worry about contact. 

Just a good wedge!

TaylorMade ATV Wedge

With its new ATV wedges, TaylorMade is attempting to make a club that comes with a sole that can work effectively from the fairway, the rough, the sand, and be solid when you want to pitch and chip around the green. (ATV stands for 'All-Terrain Versatility.') Each ATV wedge is made from 304 stainless steel and has a sole that is slightly different based on the club's loft, but the first thing you'll notice about each ATV is how wide the sole actually is. From a bunker, the wide sole should help the club skim through the sand without digging. However, when you hit a chip or pitch shot using the same wedge, the concave area behind the leading edge lifts that material out of the way and makes the club play like a thinner-soled wedge, which is more ideal from tighter lies. Read more: http://www.golf.com/equipment/taylormade-atv-wedge#ixzz1xl16OIIU

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