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Taylormade Mens Speedblade Irons Review

A Review On: TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff, 4-PW

TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff, 4-PW

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Pros: higher tracjectory, increased distance, looks

Cons: price, amount of offset may be too much for some players

I had purchased my Rocketbladez irons in September of 2013.  I purchased them at Golf Galaxy and like most people I was pleased with the distance gains that they provided me.  I was indifferent about the looks and as time passed I realized that I was paying a price for the distance gains.  The trajectory of my shots will just about every iron in the set was lower than it was before.  While I was gaining distance, much of the gains were from rollout of the ball and at times there was trouble having even a very soft ball to stop on the greens.  There was something else though, it seemed to me that there just was not a lot of consistency with the distance gains on the Rocketbladez.  Sometimes I would kill the ball and sometimes I thought I hit a ball perfectly only to have it fall as much as 15 yards shorter than on shots where I killed the ball.  Maybe it was not the clubs and maybe it was me?  After reading lots of user reviews I realized that golfers with similar skill sets to my own were also noticing this. 


The solution to all of the cons of the Rocketbladez is the new Taylormade Speedblade irons.  I'm sure lots of people could not understand why Taylormade would come out with the Speedblades so soon after the Rocketbladez were released.  It was probably just greedy Taylormade/Adidas, right?  Actually, I give a bunch of credit to TMAG because they improved an already great product and released it to the public soon.


Immediately I noticed an improvement in my game with the Speedblades.  The first thing that I noticed was the improved shot trajectory as my shots were much higher with the Speedblades.  .  I am now hitting my 7 iron Speedblade as high as I was hitting my 9 iron Rocketbladez.  Interestingly I did not lose any distance at all but I also noticed that the distance was much much more consistent with the Speedblade versus the sometimes erratic Rocketbladez.  Several of my friends and playing partners have Rocketbladez and were amazed at my shots that I hit over the several rounds I played last week/last weekend. 


I could care less what the clubs look like as long as they help my game, but I do think that the Speedblades look much better than the flashy Rocketbladez.  There is also a bit less offset than the Rocketbladez has.  While I've heard many people say that TMAG is just repackaging the same product with a bit of a different look, I even thought this way at first.  I learned though that this is not the case at all and I was wrong to think this way.  TMAG simply improved upon a good product and released an even better one.  It is a lot to ask for someone to buy the Speedblades after they maybe just purchased the Rocketbladez a year or so ago, however, there are many people out there like myself that will do that as long as the product continues to help our golf game and I readily admit that these clubs are better and will help many golfers out there in the mid single digit to game improvement handicap range.  I just wish I had tried these earlier!

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It's good to hear that you feel they are an improvement, as i am sceptical of Taylormade at times.  They bring out so many clubs and boast they are better than before and keep giving them names like racing cars!  There is no doubt that they have produced some great products over the years, but why so much hype and silly names??  For me they make their quality items sound silly!