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TaylorMade Penta TP

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Rated #4 in Premium


Pros: spin, feel, distance

Cons: Somewhat easy to mark

I used to play the Pro V1. Then I tried the Bridgestone B330RX and liked that better. It felt just as soft, spun just as well, and was a tad longer than the Pro V1. Went to the B330RXS when it came out as it spun a little better with no loss of distance. Then someone suggested the Penta TP and I've never looked back. It's explosive off of the driver. You WILL pick up distance. As for spin, it's the first ball I've been able to back up on my approach shots. Something you need to get used to as I've spun the ball right off of the green. I have 2 dozen sitting in my closet now waiting for spring. On the down side (and it's really not fair to call it a down side) they can be marked up pretty easily. A high spin wedge shot will leave a scuff on the ball. If you hit a tree or cart path, you'll scuff the cover. BUT, one of the reasons the ball does what it does is becuase of a very thin cover so you have to expect it. Try a sleeve if you have the opportunity. You won't be sorry. This is an AWESOME ball.


Pros: performance

Cons: wish they made them in bright yellow..

I just recently bought a sleeve of these and LOVED them.. so far I would agree with some experts that the Penta is equal to that of the Titleist Pro V1, maybe even better.. 


Pros: spin rate, distance, feel, just about everything

Cons: durability

Wonderful ball! the amount of control i have on the ball is unreal. I play a power fade and i can work the ball with ease. I ask anyone reading this to not read into the durability issue TOO MUCH, this is because i recently just got new wedges and clubs and i seem to shred every golf ball i come across. I have shredded all golf balls except for distance type balls. I tend to shred these on every wedge shots, including pitches some time :/ although i believe my new grooves are to blame. Other than shredding the golf ball I absolutely have found my new golf ball. I switched from pro v1's and i find it impossible to regret that decision. i find the spin to be in between a prov1 and x which is exactly what my game needs. If your thinking about buying these hurry because as of right now (7/15/11) taylormade has a buy two get one free, which i took advantage of as its a hell of a deal!

TaylorMade Penta TP

TaylorMade Penta TP Golf Ball The TaylorMade Penta TP Golf Ball is the first 5-layer tour ball. Each layer is designed to provide optimal performance on every shot. It has the benefits of the TP Black and the TP Red in one ball. This ball is long off every club, has increased short game spin and controlled launch and spin off irons. The Penta is engineered for Tour professionals but is playable for everyone! Additional Features: A urethane cover provides softer feel and a higher spin rate on critical wedge shots within 100 yards The outer mantle delivers optimum spin off short irons to stop the ball quickly on the green without sacrificing distance The middle mantle increases control with mid irons and helps prevent up-shooting, ballooning and falling short of the target The inner mantle promotes a soft feel, a high launch and low spin off long iron shots for incredible distance The core produces faster ball speed, high launch and low spin off driver shots for maximum carry and distance

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