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TaylorMade Penta TP3 Golf Balls (12 Pack)


Pros: Distance, Control with all clubs, Feel, Durability, Wind Performance, Cost vs. Performance

Cons: Less stopping power than TP5 or ProV's, especially on less than full shots

Picked up a dozen of the TP3's on sale, previously played the original Penta or TP5.  Went back and got 2 dozen more after the 1st two rounds, Price vs. Performance this may be the best ball on the market.


All comparisons (unless otherwise noted) are vs. Penta/Penta TP5:


Distance - no loss noted, may not be longest ball but plenty long enough, especially with irons and into the wind.


Control - Seems to have just the right amount of spin to work the whole set left/right without losing it too far either direction.  Can flight it high/low pretty easily, VERY good wind ball (holds it's line, bores through headwinds well, doesn't get "knocked down" easily even with a 20 mph tailwind and a 3/4 shot).


Spin into Greens - Very good with short/mid iron full shots, can occasionally back it up but normally stops pretty much where it lands (within 6 inches to 2 ft.).  Longer irons takes a bounce or two then sits.  Spin on 3/4 shots still good, 1/2 shots/chips/pitches fairly good but not quite in same class as TP5 (which is less than ProV's).  However, it's still pretty sticky when struck clean, especially if comparing to other so-called "mid-level" balls.


Feel/Putting - Very good on almost all shots, Good+ on chips/pitches.  Excellent feel off the putter - rolls very true, easy to line up with printing on ball acting as alignment tool.


Durability - Cover holds up well, played with new clubs and while it did scuff up a little was significantly better than a TP5 (which equates to a LOT better than a ProV).  Maintains it's color, doesn't seem to "dull" at all.


Overall - Very good ball, only a tiny step down from the "premium" balls, primary difference is slightly less spin, most noticable on 1/2 shots or chip/pitches when you might want that extra little "stick". 


Price vs. Performance - Exceptional!  Given the VERY small difference between this ball and a TP5, I can't justify the difference in cost (around $10 per dozen, give or take).  If you play in a lot of windy conditions, you need to check it out, the way it holds it's line and cuts through the air is fantastic.


If you're looking for a ball that will hold it's own against pretty much anything out there, but don't want to go broke, this is the answer!


TaylorMade Penta TP3 Golf Balls (12 Pack)

Similar to the PENTA TP5, the PENTA TP3 model has the same tour-proven cast urethane cover material which results in an incredibly soft golf ball that that will perform beautifully from tee to green. It was engineered for the golfer who could benefit from a ball that spins more – specifically on their long and mid-irons. “Golfers are all different and require variations in their equipment to best suit their games,” said John Kawaja, TaylorMade executive vice president. “The added spin from the TP3 will offer more control for a wider range of golfers while maintaining distance off the tee. Engineering a product with Tour-level performance at a lower price point is a huge plus for the consumer.” In an effort to produce exceptional feel, maximum speed, and spin control with a three-piece multilayered ball, TaylorMade golf ball engineers had to optimize the core, mantle and cover materials. The PENTA TPs proprietary REACT core technology allows for lower driver spin with added speed to create longer ball flights with the driver. It also increases driver ball speed and lowers driver spin, but on mid and short irons works together with the durable, thin cast urethane cover to create increased spin without sacrificing distance off the tee.

FeatureIt delivers superior performance at a lower price
List Price$40.00
Product GroupSports
Release Date2012-03-15
TitleTaylorMade Penta TP3 Golf Balls (12 Pack)
Weight3 pounds
Package Quantity1
Number Of Items2
Part Number885583369368
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