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TaylorMade Penta TP5 Golf Balls


Pros: Distance, no compromises.

Cons: Pricy.

As I found out last year when I reviewed the Bridgestone Tour B330 series, reviewing golf balls is different from reviewing a set of irons, or a fairway wood. You buy a set of irons once every few years, and shelling out a grand for a new set is a big deal. But people buy golf balls weekly, and rather than having to convince you that the newest balls are better (or worse) than what you already have, I just have to make a case for why the newest golf balls are better/worse than what else is out there.

Those Bridgestones (the plain Tour B330, to be specific) were better for me because they offered a touch more distance for me than other premium golf balls (ProV1x, 20XI-X, and yes, PentaTP) while maintaining the same level of spin that I had grown accustomed to. The difference wasn't staggering, but it was there.

These Penta TP5s steal back the spot in my golf bag, giving me the distance of the B330 (and ProV1x, and other comparable golf balls), while coming darn close to providing the spin of a higher-spinning ProV1. The original Pentas occasionally lost their spot in my bag because they were a middle-ground. They had decent distance and decent spin, but they weren't spectacular in any one category. The TP5s have gotten just enough better than I don't see putting anything else in play anytime soon. There is no compromise here.


Pros: Soft. good feel. good distance

Cons: Durability

I primarily use v1x and Taylormade Penta TP the original one.

To me the Pentas tend to feel better than the V1 and I feel that I can easily put a good amount of spin

around the green.


They are soft and I don't think my distance suffers at all. I would say that these balls are better for accuracy shots, rather than tee shots. Is it better than the original Penta? Not to me. It feels the same and performs the same.


Perhaps a much higher skilled player may be able to tell the difference between the 2.


One thing I don't like about them is that they don't last. I can easily put scuffs on the ball when I play with my wedges a lot.


Would I recommend them? I would. I would use this ball over the V1, but if I can get a better deal on the original Penta, I'd go for that instead, since they are practically the same good ball.



TaylorMade Penta TP5 Golf Balls

Now Longer and Softer, the TaylorMade ® Penta TP5 Golf Ball just got better. The new softer core has High COR for speed / low compression to ease driver-spin for maximum distance. This golf ball is built with 5-piece cast urethane that features an inner mantle that boosts speed and feels soft, a middle mantle that works to manage spin, and an outer mantle to manage greenside spin. FEATURES: New Softer Core - High COR for speed / low compression to ease driver-spin for maximum distance Inner Mantle - Resilient-yet-supple composition boosts speed yet feels soft Middle Mantle - Works with inner layers to build speed and outer layers to manage spin Outer Mantle - Works with middle mantle to maximize speed and with soft cover for high greenside spin Cover - Cast thermoset urethane delivers soft feel and high greenside spin 5-piece ball 12 pack

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