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TaylorMade R1 Driver

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #70 in Drivers


Pros: If You Want Adjustable, Low Spinning, and High Ball Speeds, White Crown/Decal looks large and is Confidence Boosting

Cons: Additional TMAG weights are expensive, sound and feel are lacking, not a big sweet spot, a club for those who can hit a sweet spot consistently

I am not in love or lust with the R1. It performs, but at times it is temperamental. Well, it's a driver, aren't they all?  The R1 is adjustable ... and that is its best feature, besides the white crown, of course.

I demoed the Stock R1 in February and while not impressed with the stock shaft, was impressed with the extent of adjustability. My swing was in transition and that aspect was attractive. Since it is a lower spinning head, adjusting the loft up would not detrimentally effect the carry like higher spinning drivers. TMAG also has a free R1 app for fitting. Use it. The R1 arrives with a wrench for adjustment. 

Bought the R1 in April and played around with it - new shaft, shorter length (45 in), hot melt, added 1g in heel and toe, and at 11.25 and neutral face, it seems to work well. I may bring down loft as the swing and positive angle of attack improves. I have a certified balance counterweight in the grip. I tee it high and find high launching bombs. I have found the R1 accurate and longish. At the shorter length, yet still at D4, I can feel the head easier. At the same time, it is nothing like stock. The sound/feel is better with hot melt. I probably should have allowed my clubmaker to pour in more hot melt for better feel and decreased the grams of the moveable weights (2g in the toe, 8g in the head). Overall, the feel is softish, not harsh, and with a pleasant sound.

If you are searching for the most forgiving driver, look elsewhere. This driver is for players who have a consistent swing or are moving in that direction. I've had to work diligently on my swing to gain consistency with this driver. My game is such that when I swing hard, I get poor results. If I go at 80%, I typically obtain very good results - with my swing speed, at best in the low 90's, I can pull out an occasional 250-260 yrd drive. The R1 must give good ball speed. I would not call the R1 friendly, as compared to an Adams Super S, Ping G25, RBZ Stage 2 or XHot. But if you want adjustments over a wide range, this one fits the bill.

The stock R1 is not the most satisfying driver in terms of feel or sound. It leaves you feeling empty in that regard. It feels and sounds slightly better than the 913, which felt "hard" and "direct" to me. My driver, as customized, is more pleasing as described above.

The R1 is a low spinning driver, depending on shaft, so it's okay to move up in loft and open the face angle. Use the App to fine tune. Weights are about $14 each, and available at the store or aftermarket (1/2 the price) on the 'bay.

As to the head and decals, I like them. But I am open to embracing change. The white crown and decals make the head appear large, which builds confidence.

Perfomance-wise, the R1 is proving to be a winner for me. I am warming up to it and accepting the fact that the face does not feel "hot" (as in the XHot). I want consistency and a fairway finder with distance. That is more important than the "longest" driver although the R1 is long as I mentioned above. But you need to have a consistent swing that hits the ball high and center. Heel shots kill distance. The R1 will correct, but launch is lower and distance suffers. Toe hits get better results. But you want to hit this bad boy center high, so tee this driver up high. Address it where you want to hit it - not on the ground. Put that baby near the ball at address center high (or maybe slightly towards the toe but high).

I am writing this as TMAG introduces the SLYDR. It is not adjustable like the R1 and has the moving dial instead of moveable weights. They have moved the COG more forward and expanded the sweet spot for the guys who hit the ball lower on the face. It is a very low spinner - get fit!! Warning - moving up in loft may be imperative. Comments are that it sounds and feels great. There is some debate over the loss in MOI when one moves the COG too forward. It is a balance. Slydr is said to have slightly more ballspeed in stock form over the R1 with a better stock shaft. The R1 shaft adapter fits into the SLYDR. You see where this is going?

But I do like the adjustments of the R1 and I am getting more enjoyment out of it as I improve and play. I am, however, not in love. I don't know how long our relationship will last. But the R1 is becoming more point and shootish. I am one who enjoys fine tuning a driver. You might try the R1 as the price decreases and think about another shaft in it. Demo and Compare. Get fit. You have many options out there. Good luck.

TaylorMade R1 Driver

TaylorMade R1 Driver The TaylorMade R1 Driver is the one driver model that can be tuned to fit Tour pros and amateurs alike. Shot-shaping movable weights promote a neutral/straight flight or a distance-enhancing draw, and improved aerodynamics reduce drag over the head to promote faster clubhead speed. The thick-thin crown provides a lower and more-forward center of gravity location, thus promoting a higher launch, faster ball speed, and lower spin. Inverted Cone technology milled into the inner side of the clubface expands the portion of the face that delivers high ball speed. Additional features: Seven standard and five upright loft options between 8-degrees and 12-degrees (+/- 2 degrees) to obtain optimal launch angle Seven face angle options: N/square, open, medium-open, maximum-open, closed, medium-closed, maximum-closed Black clubface, non-glare white crown, and new gray/orange/black crown graphic together promote easy alignment Aldila RIP Phenom shaft promotes faster clubhead speed while delivering greater feel than typical ultra-light shafts

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