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TaylorMade R11 Driver

85% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Drivers


Pros: great look, good feel

Cons: it's allot of money

After not playing for some time i this season picked up my game again,by playing more

my swingspeed went up with about 10 m/ph. i was jusing a cobra S9-1 with a pro launch blue shaft stiff.

and loft of 10.5. i was hitting the ball so high that i could not hit it into the wind, wel only 200 yrd.

so i was searching for a new one. and found it:



Was just on the range with my all new Taylormade R11 TP driver 9.0 loft

I have the aldila R.I.P. stiff shaft in


My first shots went solid of the clubface, this club gives alot of confidence at adress.

Only i had the feeling i was hitting them to far left ( draw ) so what i did i opened the soleplate


after that my ballflight was alot better, i'm gained about 15 yards on my driver compared to my old one the Cobra S9-1.


I was off taylormade for the driver for at least 6 years because i could not hit them straight, think because of the offset, but now that we can change almost the whole club i gave it a try, and i liked it from first time on.

i can recommend it to everybody! it will bennefit all types of players from pro's to hdc 30

have fun


Pros: customization

Cons: white head, price

The taylormade r11 is a bit of a hit and miss for some people mainly because of the white face.  I don't own this club I just demoed it.  The customization you get on this club is probably the most you can get on any club at the minute which is a plus.  It is nice and forgiving too on off hits and it makes a nice sound.  Distance wise it is what you would expect. It won't go miles further than your current driver but a just a noticeable bit.  I really was put of the white head I really don't like it which for me has put me off buying it.  It attracts soo much unwanted attention and is a distraction to swing.  The stock shaft was ok in it but because the titleist 910 is probably just as good if not better with the better stock shafts and cheaper price I think that may be a better option.


Pros: Good look at address

Cons: lost yardage, ball flight to high

I purchased this driver after testing multiple drivers quite a few times. Had three good range sessions and two on course days with the club and liked it, so i went on with the purchase. I got the tp with a 9 degree and the fugikura blur stiff  tp 65g shaft. The college season just ended when i got this club so i had plenty of time to work with it and trust the club. Well its 8 months later and still haven't been able to trust it. I play to anywhere from a +1 handicap to a 1 and on easy swings its good but not long by any way for me, about 265 so i lost about 10-15 yards with a normal swing. Then trying to get a few extra yards is nearly impossible for me. I get a higher ball flight and no roll. I have tried other shaft options nothing has really worked. Now looking for a new driver.


Pros: Adjustibility, white crown, LONG, really light

Cons: expensive

I got this club as an 18th birthday gift and I can't say enough about. I was originally interested in it as my miss is a very big fade slice out to in coming over the top. I find the club swans nicely, and i can really tune to my ideal shot shape Tuning is fun and simple, great looking club, and long. I have added about 10 extra yards of carry and the ball runs for a mile. Great club highly recommend it


Pros: Long, Good Feedback, Looks Great

Cons: Expensive

Bought this when my PGA Pro told me I needed a stiff shaft. Tried many clubs, including ping k15, titleist d3, titleist d2, callaway razr hawk, ping g15. This was the most consistent, and gave me the best ball shape.


originally I was put off by the adjustibality- I had images of myself forever playing with it blaming my bad golf on the wrong set up. Once I got it set up though, I've never touched it. 


I hear people say its not forgiving... what? my off centre hits go a long way, as far as my previous diablo octane (which was no slouch) but the centre hits are bombs. 


It is a bit numb for feedback as others have mentioned.


Overall, the best driver I've ever used. Very Accurate.


Pros: Adjustable, light, non-glare

Cons: It may be difficult to keep the brushed white clean. I can't lay off my swing speed. To keep the drive in the middle, I have to swing hard.

It was time to finally acquire a new driver.  I didn't care what brand.  No brand loyalty here.  In fact, I tried 2 Callaways, Cobra, Taylormade Superfast and Superfast 2.0, Adamsgolf, and a couple of others.  I'm convinced that one club may work for one golfer; another club works great for another golfer.  The R11 clearly works for me.  It has added a few yards to my drive.  But I needed to hit fairways more consistently.  Added distance has been gravy.  What I know is this:  The R11 is proving to keep me  in the short grass!   The original settings are just right for me, too.  And it feels really good to swing.   It's a keeper, like it was built just for me.   


Pros: Customize to your swing

Cons: Black face is really hard to clean

I consistently drive the ball 250y - 265y.  With this driver, it brought my distance to 300y (on a good drive).  The ball rolls for DAYS!  The white face is easy to align and pleasing to look down on.  The dull white finish leaves no glair from the sun.  The price I paid was steep but you can find a new one on eBay for under $300 now.  I have nothing bad to say about this club at all.  


Pros: Ajustability

Cons: Stock shaft wrong for me

As a certified club maker I was very interest with idea of playing with this driver. What a let down. The stock shaft was way wrong for me. For 399.99 this club is way over priced........There was no feel or feed back........Make sure you hit it before you buy it.........And be fair to yourself. If you do not hit it way better than the driver you have don't spend the money.


Pros: Light, Stiff shaft,

Cons: NONE

I bought this driver two days ago and absolutly LOVE IT. Plus I couldnt beat the price, I paid 300 for the driver and a Odyssey putter.

TaylorMade R11 Driver

Over the past seven years, since TaylorMade originally introduced the r7 driver, the whole general concept of adjustability has really sky-rocketed, both in terms of industry adoption (with nearly every major manufacturer now offering some form of adjustability), and from a technological standpoint. Not only have the methods of adjustment grown, so has the degree of flexibility offered by each. TaylorMade has year in and year out upped the ante since then, and now, the new R11 and R11 TP marks the first time they offer independent adjustment of both loft and face angle. First it was the interchangeable heel and toe weights (MWT, or Moveable Weight Technology, still present after seven years), then they gave us the ability to change the angle of the driver head on the shaft via the use of an adjustable shaft sleeve/hosel combination (FCT - Flight Control Technology). Now they bring us ASP (Adjustable Sole Plate) Technology, which allows the fine tuning to reach a whole new level. When modifying the club using FCT, not only does the face angle change, the loft does as well. As the face is closed, the effective loft increases, and vice-versa - the loft decreases as the face opens. Now, the player adjusts the loft using FCT, while ASP provides up to 2° of additional face angle modification in either direction. Though we're not clear on exactly how ASP works (it's a sole plate, so how does it affect the face?), we have asked TaylorMade for more details and will update this post when we get a response. The combination of FCT and ASP also can result in up to 4° of range in the face angle if needed. Add in the multitude of combinations offered by MWT, and you're left with 48 different configurations available to the player. TaylorMade states that this can promote up to 100 yards of side to side trajectory adjustment. The slightly triangular-shaped clubhead clocks in at 440cc, though the white crown makes the head appear ever-so-slightly larger than one might expect. The white crown is a stark contrast to the black PVD of the R11's face, with the intent of making the club easier to aim. Another advantage to the white crown is that it eliminates the glare you might see with glossy black clubheads. Included with the R11 is two weight cartridges, a 10-gram and a 1-gram, though 4- and 6-gram weights are available for purchase if you'd like a greater degree of flexibility. The standard R11 is available in your choice of 9° or 10.5° of loft for right-handed players, while lefties get to choose from 9.5° or 10.5°. It comes equipped with a 45.75", 60 gram Fujikura Blur shaft, featuring a medium-firm tip profile. Four shaft flexes (X, S, R, M) are available and the TP model has 19 available shafts on top of the standard Fujikura Blur TP. The R11 hits stores February 4th with a price tag of $399 for the standard model and $499 for the TP.

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