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TaylorMade R9 Iron Set


Pros: Forgiving, very long, good feel, visually appealing...

Cons: *none*

The TaylorMade R9 irons are fantastic clubs.  Compared to other irons I have owned/used, they are easily the longest.  I realize length is not as important as accuracy in iron play, but you'll get both with the R9!  I am 1 club longer than with my last set up, TaylorMade Tour Burners, and am hitting more greens than ever because of the added forgiveness.  The R9's come with Condition of Competition grooves, meaning they are legal for USGA play.  I have not noticed any drop off in spin or holding greens with shots because of the v-grooves.  The R9's have a midsize head with very modest offset, exactly what I was looking for.  I did not want a clunky looking iron.  The R9's look great, the black cavity with badging is very appealing.  I went with the Dynamic Gold X100 shafts in these.  These shafts are heavy and promote a low trajectory, basically like rebar.  The "standard" shaft in these is the KBS, which is slightly softer and lighter than DG, and will help get the ball in the air a little more.  Take time to get the correct shaft for you and your swing, and I think you'll be very pleased with the R9 irons.

TaylorMade R9 Iron Set

TaylorMade R9 Iron Set 4-PW, GW with Steel Shafts The TaylorMade R9 Irons have a lot going on in a fairly basic outwardly-looking clubhead. Lets start with the technology you can t see. First off is the 2mm wraparound face. The R9 irons ultrathin face actually wraps around and anchors to the topline and leading edge of the clubhead, anchoring it at the top and bottom and allowing the center of the faceplate to flex during contact, giving you that hot, springy response off the face for higher ball speeds and more distance. Behind the clubface, in the 3- through 6-irons, is a velocity control chamber, which is a hollowed-out area filled with nearly weightless soft feel foam that refines both the sound and the feel of the long irons. The short irons in the R9 set are engineered with a deep undercut cavity behind the face, coupled with a broad sole with the center of gravity positioned low for solid, spin-inducing contact and high launch for shots that stop quickly on the green. Steel-shafted R9 irons feature Tour-proven KBS 90-gram shafts with wall thickness that increases proportionately as the shaft diameter decreases this adds stability to the club for more solid hits. The TaylorMade R9s provide easy-to-hit distance in the long irons and responsive feel in the short irons for golfers at any skill level.

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