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TaylorMade R9 Super Tri Driver Reviews

Brian Fergusson

Best driver I've had yet


Pros: Long, straight, good look, adjustability

Cons: None so far

Got a good deal on a SuperTri TP with a Mitsubishi Fubuki 73 stiff, 9.5 deg. head, cut to 44.5" and D4 swing weight. I play mostly in N or NU position - still sorting that out.   Best driver I've had yet: Long, straight, good appearance at address, adjustability. This is the first driver I've had with interchangeable shafts, and I like the ability to easily swap shafts - probably going to try a Grafalloy Bimatrx shaft this year, and possibly my TM RBZ 3 FW as well.

Game Changer


Pros: Adjustable face angle, adjustable weights

Cons: None

This club has a beautiful sound and feel. The all black head is sleek at address with no distracting marks or logos staring up at you. I added 30 yards to my drives although there were changes in my swing as well. This clubs facilitated those changes however by allowing me to open the face slightly and move weight to the toe so I could swing aggressively without fear of hooking the ball. I very much prefer this driver over even the newer R11 simply for look and feel and I will play it so long as the newer models have bright white heads and feel like an axe hitting mud.

Amazing Driver


Pros: Looks, Large sweetspot, Lightweight

Cons: None

Just an amazing club overall, abnormally light but it's easy to get used to. Looks amazing as well.

R9 Supertri 10.5


Pros: looks, feel, DISTANCE

Cons: tiny sweet spot

This is a great driver. The sweet spot is very small compared to the original r9 and the nike vr drivers, but when you hit the sweet spot, you'll notice it. Shaping the ball flight is really easy, and the club looks great at adress.  I like the r11, but i cant imagine my driving getting any better after putting this in my bag, so i wont bother paying $300 for another driver anytime soon. 

R9 Supertri 9.5 vs R9 460 10.5 / both with UST Axivcore Tourgreen R

I was custom-fitted for a shaft driver on a launch monitor and it turned out that the uST Mamiya Axivcore Tour Green R65 won it all. I was playing a Ping G10 with Aldila DVS 60 R custom shaft and the UST won all other shafts including the DVS, Motore, Blur, Rombax... the goal was to lower launch angle and lower spin...   played different heads on it R11, RAZR, and a component head Alpha C830.4   went on and tested on the course (twice) the same shaft with the Alpha, the TM R9 Supertri 9.5 and R9 460 10.5.   The best combo to date is the R9 Supertri in 9.5 configured in the NU position giving me a low draw that's looong (for me, 20-30 yards past my usual G10...
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Find it Cheap, Buy it Cheap


Pros: Beautiful look, very long

Cons: Small sweet spot

Bought this off eBay for $125 barely used. One of the prettiest drivers I have ever seen, and is completely customizable to your own swing. Problem was it did not come with the TaylorMade torque wrench so I have to wait until it comes in the mail for me to fully figure out what my exact settings should be. But right away--even an amateur like myself--you can tell that the sweet spot is smaller than what a regular driver within a dozen tee shots. I upgraded to the Super Tri after reading good reviews on it and finding the club at a steal price online. Previous driver was a Lynx Predator (2009 model if I'm not mistaken) because it was clearanced at Golfsmith for $50. 2009 Predator...
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Awesome, No regrets


Pros: LONG! Forgiving and Accurate

Cons: Slightly high launch

Love the club. I love the look of the R11 but cannot see myself hitting it any better than I hit the Supertri. Its a great stick. I launch the ball pretty high using this club though so people may find themselves needing a decreased loft.

R9 SuperTri

This is the best driver I've ever hit, and that's saying alot. I've owned all Taylormade drivers from the R510 on up, and hit just about every major companies driver out there. This driver has amazing feel, sound is perfect and looks sick. It's very long, forgiving, and suprisingly workable for a 460cc head. It's a pretty high spin club, so order a flex up or 1-2* less loft than you'd normally play to avoid ballooning. It comes stock with 3 weights and of course has FCT which allows for 8 different clubhead positions making for 24 different configurations. There are also many other weights available and the FCT allows you to easily change shafts so this is practically hundreds...
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