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TaylorMade Raylor Rescue


Pros: cuts through grass and powerful high pitched sound that truly matches its penetrating ball flight. Height can be controlled and very good off tee.

Cons: "Hull" shaped sole takes getting used to. not promoted for a player without a care of how low on the face might hit.

If you don't try at becoming a better ball striker with forward shaft lean presenting the higher parts of sweet spot, hull-shaped sole with send the ball off in either direction but strait. Knocking on this club is due to lack of skill. I thank the Tour Striker training club, which taught me how to strike the ball correctly. Solid club and really feels great through the swing all the way through contact.


Pros: Boat hull sole digs ball out of rough well. Good stopping power.

Cons: Care needed to balance clubhead in set-up.

The title reflects a burning question in golfdom: Is the Raylor a hybrid or a fairway wood? As I hinted, who cares? It works for what I needed.


I got the 19* Raylor in R shaft to replace my Slazenger RDS 5W. The RDS got the ball up with gusto out of the rough, or off the fairway. But, I had trouble trying to stop the thing. Also, a slightly closed face meant I had a lot of solid shots that ended up 10 yds. left of green. (Driver and 3W are square-faced).


Enter the Raylor. I had test-hit the Raylor and some other 5W variants a few months before I bought it. It has a 42.5" shaft, which is an inch longer than most hybrids. Plus, it has slightly more bulge in the cluface than most hybrids.


It has good stopping power for a longer club. I can't back it up 6 feet, but a decent shot will fly into the green and settle in after one hop.


Raylor also works well off the tee (don't tee it too high), and off the fairway. If you hit it a little thin it may run a little at target, but it's not like you're hitting a low bullet. I think you get a little margin of error on slightly high or low impact: The plunging, boat hull sole means the center of the clubface is 1.6" tall; my 3W face is only 1.25" tall at center, which is slightly more than average.


One caution: Make sure you have the head "balanced" on setup. Because of the boat-hull sole, some players have trouble rocking the club to the heel or the toe on setup. Could be a real problem on uneven lies. Main thing: train your eye for what "square" looks like. 


The old 5W carried 10-15 yds. farther, but control is much better with Raylor.


Got the Raylor a couple of weeks after a sizeable price cut. Might buy a 22* version if I could find one. Doesn't look like TaylorMade will renew this line - so Raylors are rather hard to find.

TaylorMade Raylor Rescue

TaylorMade Raylor Rescue with Graphite Shaft Introducing the TaylorMade Raylor rescue club, the ultimate weapon for escaping the rough. The TaylorMade Raylor s v-shaped sole design creates a pointed leading edge lets it glide through tall grass instead of stalling, promoting clean face-to-ball contact and making it easier to hit from sidehill lies. The Raylor offers a more compact head size from heel to toe for less resitance from thick lies. It s super-low center of gravity with a 41% deeper face helps get the ball up and out of rough on a high, long-carrying, soft-landing flight. The RE*AX 65 gram graphite shaft is 1 longer than standard TaylorMade hybrids of equal loft to promote leverage from the rough, clubhead speed and distance. Features: Pointed leading edge promotes clean face-to-ball contact V-Shaped sole designed to glide through rough and resist slowing and twisting Compact size from heel to toe means less resistance Ultra-low center of gravity helps lift the ball up and out of trouble One inch longer shaft promotes more swing speed and leverage

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