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TaylorMade TP Black LDP

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Rated #68 in Golf Balls

This is a good ball, but it's aimed at better players. Don't get me wrong, I (at a 16.6 HDCP) have no complaints, it spins and flies well and is discounted at a good price, but I think it's designed to be taken advantage of by the low handicap player. Specifically, the launch angle is lower than the standard mid-priced ball and the compression didn't let me take full advantage of it off the tee.

It has good short game spin. I easily held greens with all my short irons and I got a few poorly-struck wedges to bite much quicker than I'd thought they would. The roll-out was minimal, overall, but I've played a ball or two under $30 that were a little easier to keep near their pitch mark.

It provided decent distance. Decently long, definitely not robbing me of distance off the tee. But it's hard to separate the majority of mid-range balls. A couple of them stand out to me as being a little bit longer, but this isn't one of them, it seems right in the middle. However...

It felt like it had a naturally lower launch than most other balls in the price range. I don't have launch monitor numbers to confirm it, but it felt like for good shots off the tee and off my hybrids it didn't get up as much and as quickly as other balls I've played. It's possible I would've capitalized on its distance potential better if I benefited from a lower launch angle. Couple this with...

Feel-wise, it has a solid feeling to it off the driver and irons, kind of like a soft 2-piece ball. Given that it was supposed to comparable to the ProV1x, that makes sense. I can't find a reliable source for a compression rating, but my guess is that it's higher. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't getting optimal performance with my ~93mph swing speed.

It's a solid ball in all categories, but for me, the Burner Tour fit me better in pretty much every category. (If I got these for free, though, I'd definitely play them!)

Given the sales for $50/2doz everywhere, I wonder if it will be discontinued soon. (For example, the recent Burner Tour makes me wonder if TaylorMade has newer technology they want to push out.)
TaylorMade TP Black LDP

TaylorMade 2008 TP Black Golf Balls : Lower-spin players will get tour performance and faster ball speed from the TaylorMade 2008 TP Black Golf Balls . Features include a cast thermoset urethane cover to deliver predictable spin and supreme shear-resistance and 360-dimple Low-Drag Performance (LDP) for improved distance on off-center hits. The 2008 TP Black Balls feel softer than the original TP Black .

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