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Not bad, not something I would seek out

A Review On: "The Ball" from ineedtheball

"The Ball" from ineedtheball

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Pros: Pretty much as advertised

Cons: Wouldnt say that this is the right ball for a higher handicap player, did not care for the texrure of the ball

I was given a 3 pack of these balls to test for the purpose of writing a review. As you can see they came out in pretty plain packaging which may be because they had not been named or marketed yet.







Taking them out of the box for the first time, they felt a bit rubbery to me - reminded me of a ball I had tried in the past, but I cant remember the name of.


My normal ball is the Srixon Q-star, but for my test I compared it to a ProV1X, since *the ball* was supposed to provide both distance and spin.


As far as distance, my average drives with *the ball* were pretty much in line with the ProV1X. They were tested on a cold day so both balls ended up averaging about 5 yards shorter than I am accustomed to.


As far as spin - I definitely ended up with more side spin off of the tee with *the ball.* 4 of my 7 dives with it sliced much more than the ProV1X did. I am not a guy that spins the ball with wedges expecting roll back so I have no feedback there.


While putting, the rubbery feel probably got into my head a bit and I struggled with judging my putting distances. I putted much better that day with the Titleist ball.


*The ball* was definitely durable - barely a scratch on it after 9 holes and rarely seeing a fairway, hitting a tree or two and being played off of tree roots.


At the end of the day, I would choose my normal Srixon over *the ball* every time. I would choose *the ball* over several other balls in the up to $25/dozen price range, but I do not see it becoming my *go to ball.*


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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Golf Balls › "The Ball" from ineedtheball › Reviews › meenman's Review