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"The Next Generation" DVD/Blu-Ray by Sean Foley


Pros: Easy to understand, fair price, good running time

Cons: None

ordered the DVD 2 days ago and its here already - bonus


watched it this am as well - thought it was great


very easy to understand

lots of sweet drills to practice

the length was perfect, not too long, not too short

loved the player interviews at the end


seems to be a lot of haters on this site abou Sean Foley tho.......


i think Sean explains things in a manner that is easy to understand and doesnt fill your head with crap you dont need to know (or understand)

but i guess i learn different than most??


i found that a lot of what he is teaching, is being taught to me by my instructor

which i actually found to be re-assuring

seems to be that if your not "pro stack and tilt" direct from the horses mouth, that its not good enough (but im not going to go there as i know zero about the SnT)


as Sean mentions, he might not teach what is always right, but he has a good understanding of what's wrong


I mean if the #1 player in the world (IMO, not that big whiner Lee Westwood) has hired him, how bad can he be

maybe he should have hired Mike & Andy............


as well, Hunter and Sean have pretty decent winning records as well - 3 PGA wins each isnt too shabby



Pros: Hunter Mahan, Sean O'Hair, Stephen Ames <grin>

Cons: Getting people to pay $50 for this (see, I'm taking "pros" and "cons" differently :-D).

Here's the conclusion from my full review, which I encourage you to read:


I believe, given the many, many simliarities between Sean Foley's swing and the swing pattern I prefer to teach, that a successful video would have helped golfers far and wide. And given the changes we've seen in the swings of Sean O'Hair, Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan, and now Tiger Woods, that Foley is good at communicating with his students.


Unfortunately, that ability does not come across in this video at all. Instead, golfers are given little actual information, and when they're given information there's a good chance Foley will still manage to make a mess of it with poor grammar, no explanation, or the occasional incorrect statement. The run-on sentences, random use of big words (sometimes incorrectly) alongside generic words like "body," and often contradictory or disorderly advice is mentally exhausting.


Students are given no checkpoints. They're given no way to measure their swings or check their progress. Drills are given without telling students what problem they're going to solve or who should use them. For a high-tech guy and $100 to $200 cameras there's nothing on filming your swing or what to look for when you view your swing on video.


The DVD reeks of "Ooh, Sean's famous, we should capitalize on his stardom and sell a DVD!" It feels like a rush job done in a day or two with no re-takes and no script. Foley has talked about the "revolutionary graphics" and yet even those are limited to a few squiggly lines and angle measurements drawn on the screen - hardly what I'd call "next generation" graphics.


Because I teach a swing pattern that's awfully similar to Foley's, I understood the video well enough to get through it without being thoroughly confused. When Foley refers to "body tilt" I know what he's trying to say. I can figure out what he's trying to say most of the time. The average golfer will likely not be so fortunate.


I'm willing to pay a premium for good golf instruction, because one good tip or feel or idea that I can use is worth far more than the $50 this video costs, and yet I still feel short-changed. The average golfer will feel even more so because the video will leave them with many more questions than answers. My advice? Don't spend the $50. I don't even know if I'd spend $10 for one of the copies that will surely be on eBay very soon - it's still 83 minutes of your time and ten bucks.


I had reasonably high hopes for this video, but it's less solid than the nearly topped shot Foley hits in Lesson 5.


Pros: A few tips for those who with knowledge

Cons: Worthless for Most Golfers


If this is the Next Generation, throw in the towel and burn this DVD. Start over with the Prior Generation. I kept the DVD unopened for months and collecting dust after reading several reviews. And then, I made the mistake of opening it last week. 

Novice Golfers will get nothing from this DVD. Golfers who are knowledgeable may pick up a handful (possibly) of decent tips, but otherwise, this instruction is so general as to be completely useless. You will develop a tick by hearing Foley pronounce "tsunami" (sunaaaaaaami).

It sucks.

Sean, I'd like my money back, or a free copy of the next Stack 'n Tilt DVD's.

You owe us.




Pros: the drills are good

Cons: the viewer is not told why the drills are good or relevant


I have finally been able to get my hands on this and watch it.

Well, I believe that the spelling mistake at the back of the box sums up the quality of this production pretty well:


his approach to the golf swing has made him the most sought after techer in the world


This is something that has been put together in a hurry, to ride the wave of "it's Tiger's new coach", and because it's been rushed, it just lacks depth in many areas.


Now, the drills in themselves are good, and for me who cannot really have easy access to a flesh-and-bones Stack & Tilt instructor (yet), this DVD does help visualise some of the moves I saw in Bennett and Plumer's book. The problem is how Foley delivers the information. Sean ends most of the drill sequences with something along the lines of "do this and you'll get better". OK, but why? why is this or that move or this or that concept so important?

If this is the first contact people have with Stack & Tilt, well, they're going to be confused. People buy these videos because they hope to get something out of it that will quickly (not to say "instantly") improve the way they play golf. Unfortunately, instead of enlightenment, the average golfer will get clouded with more questions, or doubt on why or which drill can help their game.


Production wise, apart from the annoying "dramatic" music in the menus, you would have thought the producers would make sure you hear what the guy says throughout the whole feature. Again, unfortunately, it seems that things were on a tighter budget than the flashy website would make it appear; when Foley's head is down, the sound gets muffled; there are no quality slow motions that would help illustrate. Perhaps it's because Foley's execution of his own teachings is not as good as his ability to ad-lib with non-sense talk about how the universe is bound by your brain cells (or was it the other way around?).


I simply wish the guy would spend more than 5 real minutes on a subject as important as ball flight. Or that he would explain and illustrate why doing the drills are important and how they interact.


All in all: it could be so much better but unfortunately it's more of a commercial attempt than a real shot at changing golf instruction.

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"The Next Generation" DVD/Blu-Ray by Sean Foley

LIFE EXPERIENCE. PHILOSOPHY. PHYSICS. BIOMECHANICS. GEOMETRY. These five pillars define Sean Foley’s approach to golf instruction. He is a combination of evidence and facts and his approach to the golf swing has made him the most sought after teacher in the world. The Next Generation is a holistic approach that encourages golfers to examine, evaluate and execute their golf swings from the NEXT face in golf instruction.

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  • The DVD took several weeks and many emails to ship. People pre-ordered in early November and yet only recently began receiving their DVDs.
  • People in Canada who pre-ordered seem to have gotten a signed postcard with Sean's picture on it.
  • You get a DVD and a Blu-Ray disc in the same package. That's a nice feature. You could ostensibly sell one to go "halfsies" with someone else (but if you read my review you may decide that even $25 is too much).



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