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Loved the DVD, well worth the cash

A Review On: "The Next Generation" DVD/Blu-Ray by Sean Foley

"The Next Generation" DVD/Blu-Ray by Sean Foley

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Pros: Easy to understand, fair price, good running time

Cons: None

ordered the DVD 2 days ago and its here already - bonus


watched it this am as well - thought it was great


very easy to understand

lots of sweet drills to practice

the length was perfect, not too long, not too short

loved the player interviews at the end


seems to be a lot of haters on this site abou Sean Foley tho.......


i think Sean explains things in a manner that is easy to understand and doesnt fill your head with crap you dont need to know (or understand)

but i guess i learn different than most??


i found that a lot of what he is teaching, is being taught to me by my instructor

which i actually found to be re-assuring

seems to be that if your not "pro stack and tilt" direct from the horses mouth, that its not good enough (but im not going to go there as i know zero about the SnT)


as Sean mentions, he might not teach what is always right, but he has a good understanding of what's wrong


I mean if the #1 player in the world (IMO, not that big whiner Lee Westwood) has hired him, how bad can he be

maybe he should have hired Mike & Andy............


as well, Hunter and Sean have pretty decent winning records as well - 3 PGA wins each isnt too shabby



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