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A Review On: The Stack and Tilt Swing: The Definitive Guide to the Swing That Is Remaking Golf

The Stack and Tilt Swing: The Definitive Guide to the Swing That Is Remaking Golf

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Pros: Easy to Understand, Rich with Information, Geometrically Correct, Piecemeal Approach DOES Suit Everyone

Cons: Not as technical as I'd like, but that's not a con for very many people at all!

The conclusion from my full review:


The Stack and Tilt Swing is a complete guide to the golf swing. The book, like the swing, is simple to understand, and the main points are continually revisited in new and different ways that help it really sink in. Not only that, but the golfer is given the tools to understand their flaws. No longer will you be forced to say something like "I think I rushed that one" or "I didn't release the club well enough there." No longer will you visit the range, hit 100 balls, and leave more frustrated than when you showed up. Instead, you'll be able to practice with a purpose and work on specific things to improve your swing based on your contact and the ball flight. Five Lessonsnever gave you that.

Remember the opening statement Mike and Andy make? They conclude the book in a similar fashion that hints at how revelatory Mike and Andy believe Stack and Tilt to be:

In the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, a student-athlete from Oregon State named Dick Fosbury won the gold medal in the high jump using a new technique: He went over the bar backwards - and shattered the Olympic record. The "Fosbury Flop," as his method became known, revolutionized the sport. At the Munich Games in 1972 more than two-thirds of the high-jump competitors went over the bar just like Fosbury had years earlier.


Stack and Tilt is probably not as huge as the Fosbury Flop, but it's up there, and the book belongs on the shelves of any and every golfer who considers themselves a student of the game. Whether you adopt the Stack and Tilt swing for yourself - and I'd wager that if you read the first two chapters with an open mind you will - the book is virtually guaranteed to offer at least one or two bits of information in exchange for the measly $18 or $19 retailers are charging.


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