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Titleist 2009 Pro V1


Pros: Spin

Cons: Spin

Nothing putts better than a Pro V1. It's money. The spin around the greens is incredible and predictable. Off the irons you can just feel the shot, however stronger players may get too much spin. I see this off the wedges and on shots into the wind so I prefer the X model. Distance is good but durability is still an issue. Overall, I love the feedback this ball gives but it just spins a bit too much for my game.


Pros: Fantastic spin, good distance, good control,

Cons: requires good technique, especially in short game and wind

This ball is just as good as advertised. It gets good distance so you don't miss the ProV1x so much. It demands good technique. It makes you think, "How high and how hot do I want to come in to take advantage of the spin." It is fun watching it respond to your shot selection. Recomend it for all very low 80's shooters or better.

Titleist 2009 Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 2009 Since taking the golf industry by storm in the fall of 2000, the three-piece multi-layer Pro V1 continues to serve as the high performance standard by which all other golf balls are compared and measured. The 2009 Pro V1 maximizes distance, durability and performance, and benefits a wide range of golfers with varying launch conditions. Titleist s Tour-proven, high-coverage 392 dimple design with Staggered Wave parting line contributes to consistent ball flight. The 2009 Pro V1 will remain the most suited and game optimizing technology within the Pro V1 family for the majority of amateur golfers looking to lower their scores with the proper golf ball selection. Features: Newly reformulated and larger core provides soft feel, while contributing to longer distance Redesigned thinner, Ionomeric casing layer contributes to improved Drop-and-Stop scoring performance A new, high performance Urethane Elastomer formulation offers improved cover durability on all shots Tour-proven high coverage 392 multi-dimple design with Staggered Wave parting line for consistent ball flight

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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Golf Balls › Premium › Titleist 2009 Pro V1