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Excellent surprise

A Review On: Titleist 2011 Pro V1x

Titleist 2011 Pro V1x

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Pros: Durability, feel

Cons: none

I first played the newest version during our member/member tournament this year and had one of the best weekends of life.


Off the driver, this ball was flying an average of 10 yards more than my drives previous weeks with older versions.


My round started out rough with me hitting a few trees and using a cart path for added distance on a drive and the ball stood up to the punishment. Both days I finished with the ball I started with.


The feel when putting may not be as good as with the regular Pro V, but I found it to be much more acceptable than any lower priced ball out there, even if the ball feels a little heavy.


I cant comment on greenside spin since I am more of a *bump + run* guy that tends to stay away from trouble. After a couple holes I was back and putting my shots within 1 putt range from just off the green.


Even as a high handicapper, since I lose an average of less than 1 ball a round, this is my new ball for my home course. (since 95% of my rounds are played there.) I may use the DT Solos when I play unfamiliar courses.


Well worth the price (I get a small discount buying from our pro shop). 


Honestly, I probably would not have gone out of my way to try the new version, but we were given a sleeve each at our tourney. When I need balls again, I will only be buying the new version.


I am playing the new 2011 Pro V1x a few weeks now, it is about as long as the previous (maybe a tiny bit longer), durabillity has improved but if you thin it..... or hit it with a descending blow it damages a bad as the 2009 model...... I can't imagine having the best weekend of life, hitting several trees and cart paths ....... BS review !!!
Good to see what a mid/high capper thinks on premium balls ...... and I agree the DT Solo is also a nice ball.
TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Golf Balls › Premium › Titleist 2011 Pro V1x › Reviews › meenman's Review