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A Review On: Titleist 2011 Pro V1x

Titleist 2011 Pro V1x

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Pros: More greenside spin than the 2009 model

Cons: Durability has improved, but still is a problem

Reviewing a ball must be done with great care, not only based on 1 round ....


So I was wondering to keep playing the 2009 model of the Pro V1x (of which I could buy 8 dz. at a well reduced price) or to switch to the new model.


I bought a dz. of the new 2011 Pro V1x and went to the practice area and dropped 6 of the new balls near the chipping area and went on playing chips, pitches and putts to check feel, spin and sound.


To me the 2011 model has a bit more greenside spin than the 2009 model and I like the less "clicky" sound while putting ....... so in this area it feels as if the 2011 model comes a little closer to the 2009 Pro V1, which I really appreciate !


First time out on the course I had a few drives that were really longer than ever before, but it might just have been the day, because at later days I didn't have similar results, ball flight is a little higher of the tee, so maybe yes the ball is longer than the 2009 model, but it can't be much.


Durability of the 2009 model was really an issue ..... yellow spots after hitting a few strokes ...... cuts, damages, etc. ..... easy ..... more than 9 holes with one ball was a miracle, still I liked the 2009 Pro V1x ..... the new model does it better, but is still damaged quite fast.


In all after playing the new model several weeks (about 10 rounds), I can say I like the performance and feel of the new model ...... the feel sure has improved and I like the putter sound better aswell.


Durability has improved, but still is a problem !

1 Comment:

Durability will always be a problem with those type of balls. If your swing speed is 105 and over, you have enough power to cut and everything else that can possibly happen to the golf ball lol. I thought the durability is a lot better, but i still after 9 holes cut the hell out of them lol. My swing speed is pretty high so i cut through anything that's somewhat soft. I live in Ohio, and during the spring i play the NXT or crap balls ya know for the crappy weather so in case if i do lose one "oh well" ya know? But even at that, i still cut up NXTs and they are more durable than Pro Vs. The pros can go through them like water because they have endless supply. When yet the amateur, who has to pay the premium price of 40-45 bucks a doz, it gets expensive! I was lucky and played college golf and our coach always gave us Pro Vs. I really do not lose balls much and i beat the crap out of them to the point of beyond unplayable lol. I practice with the cut up ones when im just playing by myself, but if i am playing in skins or a tourny, i always pull out a new one or semi new one and just play it into the ground ha. I did not see much in distance, i mean i think they are about the same, and i actually think the spin is more controllable with this model than the others. And also i like the new line they have, it is a hell of a lot easier to line up putts and i do not have to draw that line on the ball anymore, i just put dots on em now, which is great!
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