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Titleist 909 D2 Driver


Pros: Long & forgiving

Cons: Magnet head cover (personal choice however very minor)

Got one when they briefly went on sale for just under $200 after taxes upon release of the 910's. I've been searching a few years now for a driver that suits me and my swing, that inspires confidence knowing that if I put a good pass on the ball, the club will do the rest.  After filling my basement wall leaner collection with various drivers, finally the search is now over!

  This driver exceeds what I have become expectant of any driver that I've hit in the past.  Great at address with its traditional pear shaped head, but the wow factor truly begins on contact. Long, and I mean long!  I find this club to have decent forgiveness on slightly off center hits with the ball usually staying on line to catch a bit of the fairway but not so much to let you live on poor contact, easily workable both ways.  Since getting this driver my fairways hit percentage has seriously gone through the roof, and for a 45" shaft Titleist has somehow allowed me to keep pace with the longer shafted drivers in regard to distance, only with much more accuracy and control.  I got the Diamana S flex 65  with the 9.5 and it works perfect for me.  Well worth the money, easily the best driver I've ever owned.  This driver will be in my bag for a very long time, I'm not sure if there's a driver on the market today that can pry this beauty out of my bag.  l highly recommend the 909,s.     


Pros: Long and Forgiving


This driver is great, forgiving and long. I play the 9.5* with the VooDoo S flex shaft which is stiffer than most S flex shafts and has a low kick point. I have a natural draw to my shot but with this driver i can cut the ball if i really need to. I recommend this driver to any low-mid hdcp.


Pros: Ability to shape the ball / Control

Cons: Not always the most forgiving

The 909 D2 is a fantastic driver. Although the 910 D2 is now out, it is still a very valuable addition to any golf bag. After testing a series of drivers, I found this to be up there with the longest but the easiest to control. Fades and draws are extremely easy to play with this club and it's very easy to get up in the air. The fact that the stock shaft length is 45" is great, at least to me, because it's much easier to make contact in the sweetspot than with other drivers. The face is 0.5 degrees open with has turned my stock shot from a small draw to a dead straight shot.

Although I love the driver, it is not perfect. I would not suggest this driver to people above a 15 / 20 handicap because it's not the most forgiving of the bunch. To me this is an advantage as it lets you know where you've hit the shot and the trajectory reminds you nicely to hit it in the middle the next time you take it out of the bag. Additionally, it sometimes launches the ball too high for my liking and that's when I wish I had the more compact 909 D3 head or a lower head loft (currently 10.5*).

This is a great driver and can now be had for cheap since the 910s have come out.

Titleist 909 D2 Driver

Titleist 909 D2 Driver The Titleist 909 D2 Driver is a 460cc, high performance titanium driver with a full pear profile that produces mid launch with low to mid spin, balanced for forgiveness and control. The chassis features a modern shape with a Tour-proven profile to create a low and deep CG (center of gravity) for reduced spin, higher MOI (moment of inertia) and longer, straighter drives. A CNC milled face with thicker, centrally located trapezoidal rings is surrounded by thinner areas to maximize ball speed across the face. The shaped sole provides chassis strength, reduces vibration and tunes the impact acoustics for solid feel and better sound. An extended, full pear profile provides playability through a deep CG for stability while maintaining shot workability and control and an integral titanium hosel design saves weight, provides solid feel and allows for more shaft options.

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