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Titleist 909H Hybrid

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #15 in Hybrids


Pros: Feel, Flight, Looks, Sound

Cons: None

Purchased this little guy at Golfsmith as a lot of my clubs. 


I took my old Cobra Baffler Pro hybrid in to compare and ended up seeing a night and day difference between the spin rates and ball flight, it wasn't as boring as the Cobra and really liked the shaft in the Titleist hybrid. 

I demoed a 17* since my 3 wood is strong at 13.5* and used a Diamana Blue Board, which is one of the two stock shaft options, the other being the Aldila Voodoo. Like the 3 wood I did try the Voodoo shaft and again, it wasn't too my liking and I was definitely able to work the ball with the Diamana. 


The shaft is very workable and the feel is very smooth, it works for you rather than you having to put more into your swing and work to get something out of it. 


Sound is very nice and the feel of course coupled with the shaft of your liking should produce a nice club. 

Titleist 909H Hybrid

Titleist 909H Hybrid Introducing the Titleist 909H Hybrid . These are a flow family of hybrids in which the shape, offset and CG (center of gravity) locations progress through the lofts to provide optimal ball flight, spin and trajectory control.

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