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Titleist 910 D2 Driver


Pros: Sure Fit Tour adjustable hosel, so many shaft choices!

Cons: Where's the white? (:

Well to say the least, before this club my driving game has been anything but consistent. At age 14, I had a Nike Sumo (not square) and was creaming the ball 270 on average that summer in my tournaments. Must have been the driver. Who knows. I recently purchased this driver though at my local pro shop brand SPANKIN NEW for a mere 270 dollars. I felt like I was literally robbing them, on account of it's retail is 400. Anyways, I went to the range tonight and got a bucket of only thirty, due to the heat, and tested out my consistency with it again.  27 out of the 30 were a beautiful draw down the middle of my imaginary fairway i draw out on my driving range. The other three had a bit too much draw on them and were just off the left side in the first or second cut, Which I would still take as long as i'm not in the jungle!  The performance of this club is outstanding. I currently have mine set on D2 setting on the Sure Fit Tour adjustable hosel, which is a low draw.  I have a naturally high and straight ball flight, so I set it to low and hard draw to get a nice neutral flight with some right to left power for a few extra yards of bounce/roll.  The look of it at address is classic. A somewhat long looking club head, but at address, it is not too big at all.  The D2 is known for it's shallower face if I'm not mistaken, which promotes a semi high ball flight, and a more forgiving club. Accuracy wise, this thing is number one, distance I haven't figured out just quite yet.  I get a 265 down the middle right now, looking to get it to 280.  Depends on how short the fairways are i guess. Playability with this club also? Brilliant.  My 65 year old Grandpa smoked one of his longest drives in years with his first hit with it.  Many think Titleist is too elite for them, but this club has the forgiveness of any other 'common brand' Driver.  With so many shaft choices too, you're bound to find the perfect fit for your liking! Grip it and Rip it!


Pros: Asthetics, Ball Flight, Adjustability

Cons: Adjustability Chart

I rarely take the time to review product mostly due to laziness and not feeling the need to do so.  However as it pertains to the Titleist 910D3 , I felt the need to finally share the joy I've had with this driver.


My 910D3 is shafted with the RIP Alpha 60 X-stiff shaft (66g).  My previous driver, which really helps with my 910 experience was the 907D2 shafted with the Avixcore Tour Green Shaft. 


After my first swing with the 910D3, the difference between it and my old 907 was astronomical.  The ball flight was penetrating, the sound was soothing and the appearance while addressing the ball was a feeling of comfort.  Furthermore, the smaller head of the D3 is just the perfect size.  It feel more agile vs. a 460cc sized driver. 


I haven't messed around with the adjustability too much as I like to have a consistent setting every practice session and round I play.  However, the option of doing so for "fitting purposes" vs. "ball flight" purposes removes the gimmicky association to how Taylormade and some of the other brands promote their drivers.  So if next year say I decide to change my swing for some strange reason, I can adjust my 910 driver to fit or "match," the new swing I'm trying to groove.


My final thoughts on this driver go no further than saying that this golf purchase was one of the most satisfying ones I've had.  I will emphasize to everyone who reads this that matching the correct shaft to this head is imperative to enjoying all of it's features; and once you find that right match, this driver is guaranteed to stay in your bag for years to come.


This is my first review so take it easy on me. I've played Titleist for as long as I can remember. I played the 905R for 6 years before I got the 910. The reason being that until the 910, every other driver was pretty much the same as the 905. As soon as the 910 came out I went to the golf course I work at during the summer and put one together to try out. As soon as I hit it, I was in love. It flew further and straighter than my 905 and was super forgiving.The loft and lie adjustability is awesome! I called my coach straight from the range and had him put in an order for one. I went out and played with it the day it came in. I hit every fairway which set me up for better shots and gave me huge confidence. Since I got mine, three other guys on my team got one and they all love it. It's a great club from a great company. If you want to bomb it long and straight with a driver that can be fit just for you, the 910 D2 is what you need.


Pros: Easy to hit fairways, good distance, great feel

Cons: I'm not good enough to use it correctly

I have been in a driving slump for a couple of years now.  I decided to buy a new driver because it surely couldn't be me.  This is a great driver.  On my first round I hit 12 of 14 fairways!  More than all last year combined almost.  Not to say it was all driver last year but this club has really boosted my confidence.  I played another 9 and hit 6 of 7.  When I have missed it has not been by much.  My distance is pretty good.  I used to hit it farther but after my slump I just haven't had the confidence to go for it. I am getting there.  Average drive for me with this club 270+.  Very nice.  Bought the fairway metal because I am so pleased.


Pros: Shape, feel, sound, looks

Cons: None

I have never gotten fit for a driver until now. I have been seeing commercials and people talking about how nice the driver feels so I thought its about time I get fitted and hopefully Titleist has something to offer me since there are 5 stock shaft configurations. 


I went into Golfsmith down the road from me and luckily the fitter was there was no one was around wanting to smash balls against the launch monitor. I talked with him and I compared the 910 D2 with the Project XC3 and also the RIP shaft against my Callaway Edge Tour driver and the results were eye opening. 


I have been suffering from my drives going to the right more often than I wanted them to and sure enough I found that the head and shaft weren't for me although I really liked the feel from the Callaway. Side spin rates went from the 16-1800's down to 50-300's using the 910 D2 on the A1 setting and the RIP shaft. 


The combination that I got works amazing for me and I can actually execute hitting shots the way I want to by opening my stance or closing it, I feel very good about hitting my driver now and love taking the head cover off to tee one up and know where it is going to go. With the Titleist 910 D2 driver on "my setting" of A1 and the shaft option I chose, I am very confident in my driving and no longer have so many things in my head before I swing to compensate for the right side of the course!


Go out and give this driver a try, try different shafts and see your results on a launch monitor and see what shaft feels best to you, its definitely worth doing!

Titleist 910 D2 Driver

Titleist 910 D2 Driver The Titleist 910 D2 Driver delivers longer distance through a technologically advanced head design with a responsive, fast face insert that creates a ball-speed area that is 15% larger than other drivers. The patented, innovative, SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel provides precise and independent loft and lie adjustments to fine tune ball flight for more accuracy and control. High performance weighting and a sloped, ultra-thin crown design increases stability and creates a low and deep center of gravity for medium/high launch with medium/low spin. This driver has a higher launch and spin that the Titleist D3. An interchangeable shaft connection and rear weight screw provide enhanced fitting options and the full pear-shaped profile has a a rich black, PVD and paint finish that instills confidence at the address. This driver has been acoustically engineered for a hot, solid sound and feel and will be the star of the course! Additional Features: Body Construction: Titanium Crown Construction: Titanium Face Construction: Titanium Grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 Rubber USGA conforming grooves No offset

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